Fall TV 2010

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This year the blog TV By the Numbers has all your tv show premiere dates, so I recommend going there to make sure your DVR doesn’t miss anything good.  It’s good because with an 8-month old, I honestly doubt I would have the time to do it myself.

This is a list of all the new shows, what they are and what I’ll be watching or avoiding.

CW has the least amount of new shows this fall.

Hellcats – in the spirit of the movie “Bring It On” comes a cheer leading tv show.  I’m not sure if this is 10 years too late, or it will find a following.  It seems to be a High School drama in the style of 90210. I think this would pair better with Gossip Girl than the ANTM crowd.

Nikita (new remake of the already overplayed La Femme Nikita) – I like strong female characters, but PASS! It’s been done.


Lonestar – Night time soap opera drama set in Texas shows us a man living two lives.  It could be interesting, but I think I’m going to pass unless the buzz is great.

Running Wilde – Felicity star Keri Russell teams up with comedian Will Arnett to show us if a playboy really can win the heart of a humanitarian.  The promos are funny, but Tuesday night seems to be a rough time slot. (Glee for the music/young crowd, NCIS for the men, Biggest Loser & Dancing with the Stars for the reality junkies.)

Raising Hope – Raising Hope will be following Running Wilde on Tuesday nights. It is about a 23 year old male who has to raise a child. It seems cute enough. I think I might give it a try, I’ve never been into Biggest Loser or Dancing with the Stars.


Outlaw – It’s another lawyer show folks.  Decent cast, but /yawn/ ANOTHER lawyer show.

The Event – Sadly while I’m curious about this new tv show, it has Flash Forward’s doom written all over it.  It’s a conspiracy thriller starring a well-seasoned cast including Blair Underwood, Jason Ritter and Sophia McGuire.  Do we really need to have MORE distrust in the US Government NBC?  I will give this one a chance, although I’m going to be leery out of fear NBC will cancel it before it even gets great.

Chase – It’s a nice and easy plot: various US Marshals hunting down fugitives.  Good promo and time slot. I will tune in…again, cautiously.

Undercovers – What happens when spies retire?? JJ Abrams tells you in this sexy, action tv show.  Sorry JJ, Chuck has my heart and there’s no room for another spy show right now.  I will wait to hear the buzz on this one.

Outsourced – It’s as if “The Office” was outsourced to India.  Comedy, although the promos were more predictable than funny.

Law & Order: Los Angeles – It’s Law & Order this time in Los Angeles…do you really need to know more than that?

School Pride – It’s a reality show where families, celebrity alumni, and communities come together to re-build, re-decorate, renovate their old schools. Not my cup of tea, but I’m sure the Extreme Home Make-over crowd is itching for something like this.


Mike & Molly – A new comedy from the creator of Big Bang Theory about a couple that meets at an Over-Eaters Anonymous Meeting. I have to many issues with food to watch this. /turns on Food Network/

Hawaii 5-0Grace Park from Battlestar in a bikini = nerds everywhere locking their doors.  Will this be the first re-boot in awhile that is done right? Or will it be awful like “Knight Rider?” Someone please watch this and let me know.  I’m too scared to watch Grace fail.

The Defenders – Another legal drama. /yawn/ Still bored networks!! Jim Belushi & Jerry O’Connell defend people.  Maybe they will be funny, maybe eccentric, but right now I don’t care, IT’S BEEN DONE!!!

?#!$ My Dad Says – It’s a show based on a twitter account. Yep seriously, if your twitter is that good, maybe you can get a tv show. Unlikely, but this situation has given slackers hope EVERYWHERE.  But it’s my fellow Canadian William Shatner and he is funny as heck.

Blue Bloods – Here’s more original tv shows from lovely network development – another cop show boys & girls. This time it’s Tom Selleck and a multi-generational NYPD cop family.

ABC wins the WORST website for fall launch tv shows.  Yes it’s easy to read, but it’s super boring and has hardly any content.

Better With You – 3 couples, comedy….hard to tell if it’s new or fresh or different.

The Whole Truth – And another legal drama folks. Blerg. Why do something new when you can try something that worked once?!?  People don’t like lawyers. So why do you think we will like ANOTHER tv show about them?? Does it have William Shatner? No?? PASS!

My Generation – I think this is a drama? Maybe a comedy pretending to be a documentary.  Supposed graduates were followed by a documentary and now 10-years later this is where we find them. This could be trying to grasp onto Community’s success, although this doesn’t nearly have the star power. Pass.

No Ordinary Family – Now this is an interesting twist.  A family goes on vacation, plane crashes and now they have super powers?? Interesting. Michael Chiklis, Julie Benz and Romany Malco – ok, ok, I will hulu it!

Detriot 1-8-7 – Yep you guessed it, another cop drama this time Detroit Homicide! PASS!!!

What I’ll be DVRing: (*s = new)

Monday – 8pm Chuck & How I Met Your Mother  9pm *The Event 10pm *Chase

Tuesday – 8pm NCIS (for my hubby) & Glee (filer show for water cooler talk) 9pm *Raising Hope & *Running Wilde

Wednesday – 8pm Hell’s Kitchen 9pm Modern Family

Thursdays – NETWORKS I HATE YOU, to many choices on one night – GRRR!!! Ok so it will be 8pm Big Bang & Bones (watching via Hulu Community) 9pm Grey’s Anatomy & Fringe

Friday -8pm Human Target 9pm Supernatural

Saturday – nothing

Sunday – 8pm The Amazing Race

Mostly I’m sticking to my old favorites. Is there anything new you are looking forward to??


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