Forgetting the Forgotten

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I finally managed to watch a couple episodes of The Forgotten and overall didn’t mind the show.  It wasn’t fantastic, but not horribly annoying.  Christian Slater seems to have the touch of death when it comes to new shows though, so I probably won’t waste any more time with it.  It isn’t fairing well with it’s ratings either:  a low 2.0 adults 18-49 rating.

I like that the show is based on a group of volunteers.  It’s also nice to see Bob Stephenson has got another show since Jericho.  He’s really a solid actor.

Overall the show is the same old, same old we see on EVERY other crime drama or missing person show.  Reconstruct the face, even if it’s impossible from the remains, trace their steps – and every time solve the mystery!?! Not exactly realistic.  NETWORKS & WRITERS:  We don’t need to feel good every week, at the end of EVERY episode if we care about the main cast already.

Another issue I had was it’s use voice over as narration.  Desperate Housewives, Pushing Daisies and the new show The Forgotten all do it now.  I think this was the only part of the show that stood out as horrible and un-needed.  Shouldn’t we just got a picture of who the person is from the group? I feel like voice over insults my intelligence as a viewer.  I don’t need hand holding. I can pick up subtle, and maybe someday I will tell you how I ruined the movie “Sixth Sense” for my group of friends from the TEASER TRAILER.   I want you to let me figure things out for myself.  I think I would like this show more if they canned the VO.

My vote:  forget about it.  I don’t think this one has legs to last.

I also watched the first couple seasons of Weeds. I didn’t like it.  If you want to watch a better drug culture tv show watch Breaking Bad.  It has way better acting, writing, and overall directing. Warning, breaking bad IS depressing, but it is quality scripted tv!!

Some quick tv notes/updates:

Trauma has been canceled by NBC.  It was just WAY too expensive for the low ratings it was getting.

Rumor is more episodes of Chuck have been ordered. YAY!! And might even air sooner than expected!!! WOOT!!!

I still love SYTYCD.  It’s a very talented bunch this season. It is my guilty pleasure.

I have also been watching Amazing Race this season, but I don’t love the cast so I’m not loving the season.

Dollhouse last week was actually great, but that’s because the main character Echo (played by Eliza Dushku) wasn’t in it much.  The supporting cast is just WAY stronger than Eliza.  She has 3 personalities to handle and way too often they all get muddled. Joss Whedon is the kind of show creator/writer/director that might just kill her off, but because she is also a Producer, I don’t think he has the balls to do it.

Top 2 shows right now would be:  Fringe & Castle.  Both leave me happy every week. What have you been watching?


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Tru Blood

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I was looking forward to HBO‘s ‘True Blood‘ and SUPER excited HBO had a free weekend of viewing this past weekend so I could Tivo it.  Let me start by saying I have NOT read Charlaine Harris’s Southern Vampire Mystery books which the series is based on.  I LOVED Buffy and Angel, and I’ve given other vampire shows a chance Moonlight for instance.  And I’ve seen all the Anne Rice movie adaptations, the various Draculas, to the bad made for TV Sci Fi movies about the vampire lore, so I had to tune in…Photo courtesy HBO –

HBO‘s viral campaign and advertising campaign for this show was BRILLIANT.  It piqued my interest immediately and the commercials for Tru Blood Beverage were rather funny.  I think it built my expectations a little too high though.  I thought to myself, “If a commercial is that witty, then just think of what the show must hold….”  even if their tag line “Out of the Coffin” made me worry a tad bit.

Not being a huge fan of other HBO products/shows, is it typical for them to turn their shows into soft porn?  There seemed to be more sex than there was plot for this first episode.  And it wasn’t even sexy, or interesting.  Really I would have fought to cut it out for the most part.

I loved Anna Paquin.  She’s great, innocent, curious, and captivating.  She’s very well cast, and it’s a good role for her if they fix the other issues in the show.  If this show doesn’t last I hope that Joss Whedon sees her talent and casts her in something.

The main vampire is Bill played by Stephen Moyer, whom I also liked but some are debating about.  He was strong, sexy and mysterious which is fine so far for the character. (although also fine with me NOT knowing anything about the story the series is based on)

I also liked Lois Smith as the grandma and Sam Trammell as the bartender.  Both characters were believable and interesting.

The rest of the cast so far?? Over acting, un-believable and I was wishing there was a massacre in that town and a lot of them wiped out (hopefully not to be turned into vampires and never to be seen of again).  The gay chef, the best friend, the brother who gets carried away during sex….most of them seem to be cast for looks and that’s about it.

I liked the score, it seemed to compliment the show well.  I also liked the effect they did when Anna Paquin’s character was reading people’s minds.  It was great and plausable.

I brought up Joss Whedon early because he set the bar high with his success with Buffy and Angel.  He has a huge cult following and continued success with both series even in comic book form.  I’ve never met the man, nor am I one of his cult fans yet I believe his success wasn’t just because of his talent, but because he surrounds himself with other VERY talented people.  Experienced writers such as Jane Espenson who has drama, sci fi, fantasy experience. Tim Minear who’s experienced in drama, horror, action.  Others with backgrounds in comic books, fantasy, embracing comedy to break up the heavy subject matters…. all of which this series is lacking.  Buffy had issues that weren’t so over the top you could relate to them on some level.  And when a vampire’s fangs came out they didn’t make an annoying sword ching sound.  SERIOUSLY HBO?? UGH, that was the worst, and I would have only accepted it if you had made this whole show a comedy, which it obviously was not.

Overall I’m not totally convinced HBO can fix this show.  They need more plot, a quicker editing pace, comedy, to kill off a LOT of the cast, more action, more depth… basically hire Joss etc. to fix it already HBO!!

PS Don’t forget to watch/Tivo Fringe tonight on Fox at 8pm so we can all talk about it tomorrow. And for the Gossip Girl fan’s CW has Privileged at 9pm.

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ABC’s Fall 2008 Premiere Dates

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ABC announced its fall Prime time premiere dates –
September 19 – 20/20 at 10 pm
September 22 – Dancing with the Stars at 8 pm; Boston Legal at 10 pm
September 23 – Opportunity Knocks at 8 pm
September 25 – Ugly Betty at 8 pm; Grey’s Anatomy at 9 pm
September 28 – Extreme Makeover: Home Edition at 7 pm;
Desperate Housewives at 9 pm; Brothers & Sisters at 10 pm
October 1 – Pushing Daisies at 8 pm; Private Practice at 9 pm; Dirty Sexy Money at 10 pm
October 3 – Wife Swap at 8 pm; Supernanny at 9 pm
October 5 – America’s Funniest Home Videos at 7 pm
October 6 – Samantha Who? at 930 pm
October 9 – Life on Mars at 10 pm
October 14 – Eli Stone at 10 pm

See the post below for links to the new shows and a run-down.

If you are bored with TV or even work, and want good entertainment Joss Whedon has come up with the most awesome webisodes ever. Go to, two installments are currently up, and part three will be uploaded July 19th. It stars Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion. They are both great, the music is catchy and fun and the story is solid and humorous.  Now this is something I would love to see as a full length tv show!!

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