Fall 2009 New Shows/Premiere Dates

August 26, 2009 at 4:25 pm (babbling, Entertainment, TV)

Hi everyone! Sorry it’s been so long.  Sam and I are expecting and have just 4 months left until we have our first born child.  It’s a boy.  So much to do and so little time!!

The fall tv season is approaching at breakneck speed. Hopefully this will help you set your @tivo schedule better.

New Shows

The only new show on Monday nights is at 9pm on NBC Trauma. It’s a Paramedic show and the fall promos seem half decent.  With ER off the air, most of the networks are trying to replace it. We will see if this one sticks.

Tuesday night has a few new shows.  ABC at 8pm has Shark Tank (which honestly looks like a crappy local tv reality show – you try to convince millionaires to invest in you). At 10pm ABC has The Forgotten (interesting concept, they are trying to figure out who 40,000 dead people were, but is this just another Christian Slater flop?).   CBS has NCIS: LA at 9pm and at 10pm the The Good Wife.  It is starring Julianna Margulies as a mom who has to take control of her family when her husband goes to jail after a very public sex scandal.  I think I will pass on this one.

Wednesday nights is a whole new sitcom night for ABC including old stars in new shows. Kelsey Grammer is starring in Hank, Patricia Heaton in The Middle, Ed O’Neil aka Al Bundy in a very funny new show called The Modern Family and Courtney Cox is in Cougar Town.  CW is going for Gossip Girl in the high fashion world with The Beautiful Life: TBL at 9pm. Pass! NBC also looking to steal ER’s audience with the nurse drama Mercy at 8pm. Let’s say maybe on that one, wait and see what the buzz is.  One show I am looking forward to this fall and that has GREAT potential is Fox’s new show Glee at 9pm.

Thursday nights for ABC has FlashForward at 8pm.  This is where the whole world blacks out and sees what happens 6 months from that day. FlashForward has a great promo campaign, and I will be tivoing it to see what it’s like.  CW is trying to use True Blood and Twilight’s buzz  to release Vampire Dairies at 8pm.  Although VD has the WORST advertising campaign EVER – we don’t want to see 2 teens just sitting around and WRITING. UGH. AWFUL.  I won’t watch it unless it gets AMAZING buzz.  So let me know if you guys watch this and like it.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday has nothing new/notable.  For all the shows including the old ones go here for a full breakdown.  I’ve not mentioned Melrose Place because it doesn’t count as new, just recycled.

Premiere Dates

Tues. Sept. 8
8 PM – CW “90210”
9 PM – CW “Melrose Place”

Wed. Sept. 9
8 PM – CW “America’s Next Top Model”

Thurs. Sept. 10
8 PM – CW “The Vampire Diaries”
9 PM – CW “Supernatural”

Mon. Sept. 14
8 PM – CW “One Tree Hill”
9 PM – CW “Gossip Girl”
10 PM – NBC “The Jay Leno Show” with Jerry Seinfield as guest

Tues. Sept. 15
8-10 P.M. – NBC “The Biggest Loser”

Wed. Sept. 16
8 PM- Fox “So You Think You Can Dance”
9 PM – Fox “Glee”
9 PM – CW “The Beautiful Life: TBL”

Thurs. Sept. 17
8 PM – Fox “Bones”
9 PM – Fox “Fringe”
8 PM – NBC “Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday”
8:30 PM – NBC “Parks and Recreation”
9 PM – NBC “The Office”
9:30 PM – NBC “Community”
8 PM – CBS “Survivor: Samoa” (19th installment premiere)

Fri. Sept. 18
8 PM – Fox “Brothers”
8 PM – Fox “‘Til Death”

Mon. Sept. 21
8 PM – Fox “House M.D.”
8 PM – NBC “Heroes” (Two Hours)
8 PM- ABC “Dancing with the Stars” (Two Hours)
10 PM – ABC “Castle”
8 PM – CBS “How I Met Your Mother”
8 PM – CBS”Accidentally on Purpose”
9 PM – CBS “Two and a Half Men”
9 PM – CBS “The Big Bang Theory”
10 PM – CBS “CSI: Miami”

Tues. Sept. 22
10 PM – ABC “The Forgotten”
8 PM – CBS “NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service”
9 PM – CBS “NCIS: Los Angeles”
10 PM – CBS “The Good Wife”

Wed. Sept. 23
8 PM – NBC “Parenthood”
9 PM – NBC “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”
9 PM – ABC “Modern Family”
9:30 PM – ABC “Cougar Town”
10 PM- ABC “Eastwick”
8 PM – CBS “The New Adventures of Old Christine”
8 PM – CBS “Gary Unmarried”
9 PM – CBS “Criminal Minds”
10 PM – CBS “CSI: NY”

Thurs. Sept. 24
8 PM -ABC “Flash Forward”
9 PM – ABC “Grey’s Anatomy”
9 PM – CBS “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”
10 PM – CBS “The Mentalist”

Fri. Sept. 25
8 PM – CW “Smallville”
8 PM – NBC “Law & Order”
9 PM – NBC “Southland”
8 PM – CBS “Ghost Whisperer”
9 PM – CBS “Medium” (network debut)
10 PM – CBS “Numb3rs”
*** MOVED TO HERE *** 9 PM – Fox “Dollhouse”

Sun. Sept. 27
8 PM – Fox “The Simpsons”
8 PM – Fox “The Cleveland Show”
9 PM – Fox “Family Guy”
9 PM – Fox “American Dad”
7 PM – ABC “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” (Two Hours)
9 PM- ABC “Desperate Housewives”
10 PM – ABC “Brothers & Sisters”
7 PM – CBS “60 Minutes”
8 PM – CBS “The Amazing Race”
10 PM – CBS “Cold Case”

Mon. Sept. 28
8 PM – Fox “House M.D.”
9 PM – Fox “Lie to Me”
9 PM – NBC “Trauma”

Tues. Sept. 29
8 PM – Fox “Hell’s Kitchen”
9 PM – Fox “So You Think You Can Dance”

Wed. Sept. 30
8 PM – ABC “Hank”
8 PM – ABC “The Middle”

Sun. Oct. 4
9 PM – CBS “Three Rivers”

Thurs. Oct. 8
8 PM – NBC “Community”

Fri. Oct. 9
8 PM – ABC “Ugly Betty” (Two Hours)

Thurs. Oct. 15
9:30 PM – NBC “30 Rock”

Fri. Oct. 16
8 PM – ABC “Supernanny”

Sat. Nov. 7
11 PM – Fox “The Wanda Sykes Show”

Hopefully nothing will change too much more.  If it does, I will let you know!

So? What will you be watching this fall??


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A few more shows renewed…

May 16, 2009 at 9:21 am (babbling, Entertainment, TV) (, , , , , , , )

ABC has picked up Better Off Ted, Castle, Scrubs and they want the new V series, but WB hasn’t signed off yet.  I loved the old V series, so I will tune in, although I’m skeptical since it has none of the same characters as the old series.

Nikki Finke on her blog Deadline Hollywood Daily is reporting Fox’s Dollhouse has been renewed.

Still no news about Chuck although several sources say “it looks good.” Whatever that means. I’m not getting my hopes up just in case.

Sam and I saw Star Trek and both loved it. I just think it’s too bad they did all expensive well-known cast people because now they can’t do a tv-show spin off.  Which I would have loved.

Don’t forget to set your DVRs to record Glee on Fox after American Idol Tuesday night.  It looks fantastic!!

Edit:  Bones also just got renewed yesterday (Friday), so that’s good news considering the series finale was so crappy.

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On the Bubble Spring 2009

April 28, 2009 at 2:22 pm (babbling, Entertainment, TV)

It’s pilot season here in LA, but pilot season isn’t what it used to.  Pilots are now being scattered throughout the year.  It’s bad for crews that expect lots of extra work this time of year, although good for keeping more people steadily employed through out the year.

It’s also Upfront Season.  That’s where the networks sell their fall schedules to advertisers, trying to drum up investments for the fall.  This means networks DO have to have their fall schedules fairly locked down. Locked down is not necessarily the exact day/time, but it is what shows are coming back for sure or not.  The big thing right now is for casts & crews if their show is “on the bubble.” That means their ratings aren’t quite good enough to get an early green light, so they may or may not be canceled still.

Yesterday Sam and I bought Footlong Subway Sandwiches trying to help save the “on the bubble” show Chuck.

Here’s a run-down of which Network shows are and are not on the bubble. Please be advised, network people may have inside information I do not, this is just looking at the ratings and what has already been published in places like Variety and the Hollywood Reporter.

CW has already canceled Valentine and Easy Money.  CW Shows On the Bubble include Everybody Hates Chris, The Game, Privileged, and Reaper. Show’s coming back for sure are 90210, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, Supernatural, and Smallville.  The Game may come back as a dramedy, but the jury is still out.

On the bubble for ABC is In The Motherhood, Better off Ted (which has a lower rating than Pushing Daisies had before they pulled PD’s plug), The Unusual, Cupid, and… /wipes tear from her eye/ Castle. Already canceled is According to Jim, Eli Stone, Pushing Daisies, Dirty Sexy Money, Scrubs (although talks are in the works for this moving to another network or ABC changing their minds), Boston Legal, and Life on Mars. Safe shows are Ugly Betty, Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Lost, Brothers & Sisters and Private Practice. The probably safe two are Samantha Who? and Surviving Suburbia.

Fox isn’t announcing too much. The only ones for sure safe are: Simpsons, American Dad, 24 and Til Death. I think Fringe, House, Lie to Me, Family Guy and Bones are safe because they post high enough ratings in key demos. Final Seasons of Prison Break and King of the Hill are currently airing. Do Not Disturb is the only show officially axed already. On the bubble are: Sarah Conner Chronicles (which can go, I don’t think many people will notice/care), Dollhouse (Joss fans will be heartbroken AGAIN), and Sit Down Shut Up (which I haven’t seen anything about at all).

With NBC moving Leno to the 10pm hour, they are loosing a lot of original programming. It’s kind of sad. The only shows renewed so far are Office, Heroes, Law & Order: SVU and 30 Rock. Like I predicted, Crusoe, Lipstick Jungle and My Own Worst Enemy are all canceled. ER aired it’s final season and is also gone. Kings, Life, Knight Rider, Kath & Kim and Chuck are all on the bubble. NBC can cancel them ALL, but hopefully not CHUCK!!! (As far as I care.)

The shows that are probably safe, but still on the bubble are Law & Order, My Name is Earl, Medium, Parks & Rec, and Southland.

CBS is the hardest one to predict because they’ve released very little so far. The only 2 shows renewed/safe are The Big Bang Theory and Two and 1/2 Men. The only show canceled is The Ex List. Meaning everything is officially on the bubble. I will guess CSI, CSI Miami, Rules of Engagement, How I Met Your Mother and The Mentalist are safe.

I will try to keep you updated as more news comes out.

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Rick Warren’s BIG mistake

January 21, 2009 at 12:08 pm (babbling, religion) (, , , , , )

I’m a pastors kid.  It’s who I will always be even if my dad ever leaves the pulpit, because it’s how I was raised. It has completely altered how I view “the church” and my beliefs in who God is.  Luckily my dad allowed me to seek my beliefs for myself, and also encouraged education, love and open-mindedness.  Probably a bit to do more with his Canadian up-bringing rather than him being a Pastor…but that’s neither here, nor there.

So naturally I feel bad for pastors and their families.  They live in a glass bubble, they work grueling hours, days, nights, weekends.  Often they are asked to give up holidays and time off because of marriages or untimely deaths.  Their mistakes become egg on their face instead of stepping stones to learn and grow. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone struggles, and congregations will be better off helping their pastors and their families through moments of great tribulation instead of what so often happens, of them being thrown out in the cold.

However, I have to say Rick Warren made a HUGE and stupid mistake.  I think he should NOT have opened his mouth on his opinions of gay marriage.  And here’s why:  all he did was make an audience of people (supporters of gay marriage, people who have gay marriages, and the gay and lesbian community) totally ignore, scoff and judge him at the inauguration.

His prayer was great.  I’m glad he didn’t make it more socially acceptable and less Christian.  He’s a Christian pastor, President Obama is a Christian…so why hide it in universal banter?!! It was the perfect podium for hope, peace, grace and love… and yet, a lot of people who needed to hear it weren’t listening.

Plus, a lot of Christians didn’t listen.  The bitter ones who were upset Obama won, and Rick Warren could be friends with someone who supports a woman’s right to choose.  (Or other various reasons you don’t need me to list off.)  They also needed to hear what it’s like to be unapologetic for what you believe in because it IS about love, and acceptance, forgiveness and grace. That it’s not about hate and judgment.

Obama’s campaign, book and even current agendas have given me hope for the future of America. I must say though that Heaven is also a place of hope for me.  A place where all my friends are: Chinese, Iraqi, European, African American, Spanish, straight, gay, lesbian, liars, cheaters, thieves, addicts who embrace and find God.  If it’s not, then I don’t want to go there.

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More Cancelled TV

November 20, 2008 at 10:28 pm (babbling, Entertainment, TV)

All four gone –

Lipstick Jungle (only one I don’t care about)

Pushing Daisies

Dirty, Sexy, Money

Eli Stone

😦  I’m sad. Nuff said.

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TV Updates 11/13/08

November 13, 2008 at 1:10 pm (babbling, Entertainment, movies, TV) (, )

MadTV and King of the Hill bite the dust.  Now who will compete against SNL now?? Seriously I thought SNL would go before MadTV, but I guess the pre-election stunts helped them recover a bit.

NBC also canceled My Own Worst Enemy.  Which I told you would happen, so you all better not be upset or surprised.

Pushing Daisies is on a serious bubble to be canceled too, so if you love the show email ABC now because it’s too late.

More orders for Intervention, Gone Country, Life, Fringe, The Mentalist, Dexter, Private Practice, Psych, Burn Notice and Privileged.  And shows also with more orders, but to my surprise Kath & Kim, Samantha Who, Knight Rider, Sarah Conner Chronicles and Denise Richards?!? Seriously?!? LAME!

Still no news on Chuck. 😦

Oh and for those of you who liked it, I will be attending the red carpet event for the teen vampire movie Twilight next Monday.  My main stress right now is what to wear.

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The Ex List Xed off CBS

October 28, 2008 at 11:41 am (babbling, Entertainment, TV) (, , , , , , )

No more “The Ex List” on CBS.  Which I don’t think anyone was watching it, so no big deal there.

Sam and I gave up and deleted “Heroes” 2 weeks ago.  I felt guilty for about an hour or two, and then heard more friends deleting it and felt empowered.  I don’t want the creator Tim Kring to think he’s on the right track.

I loved Yahoo’s Jump the Shark list.  They list Heroes, Top Model, and Project Runway all which I agree with.  They add Prison Break (which I never got into), and then Hell’s Kitchen.

So what’s next to get canceled?  My guess Sara Conner Chronicles or Crusoe or Kathy and Kim.

Anyone add any of the new shows I’ve missed and absolutely love it/recommend me adding it?? My only two must see shows are Chuck and Fringe.  Chuck has had episodes with Huey Lewis and Rush… it’s makes me laugh EVERY week.  Always something new.

Other than that, I have an orange belt now and I’m aiming for yellow in December.

Anyone have any fun Halloween plans?? Sam and I will be at the Charity Screening/Party of Dr. Horrible at the Regency.

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Chuck’s Premiere

October 1, 2008 at 11:41 am (babbling, Entertainment, TV) (, , , , , )

The Chuck premiere of Season 2 was Monday night.  Sam and I Tivoed it and watched it last night with Fringe.  These two pair very well together.  Fringe keeps you thinking, guessing and watching for new clues.  Chuck keeps you laughing and smiling.

Chuck encourages people to strive for more, to reach outside their comfort zone, to take a chance, and to embrace life.  The series is a bit of romance, a bunch of action and all spiced up with geek humor.  Subtleties like the name brand of the cereal Chuck is eating he sees something he wishes he had not, to the cheesy heart of the show made both me and my husband smile ear to ear.  I believe the Buy More could be in Burbank, and I’ve worked with people similar to Chuck’s co-workers there.  Please just don’t ask Scott about the pixie sticks.  🙂

Photo from NBC

Photo from NBC

John Larroquette will be on next week’s episode of Chuck.  So if you haven’t seen it yet and you have a soft spot in your heart for geeks and action, tune in or netflix it!!

Did anyone see the Life premiere? I missed it.

Tonight there’s lots for you to watch or Tivo:  Dirty Sexy Money and Pushing Daisies would be the two I would recommend for tonight.

1 Month left of the 2008 Fall Premiere Schedule

***LOVE***Dirty Sexy Money (ABC) Oct. 1
Friday Night Lights (DirecTV 101) Oct. 1
Private Practice (ABC) Oct. 1
Pushing Daisies (ABC) Oct. 1
Tim Gunn’s Guide To Style (Bravo) Oct. 2
Everybody Hates Chris (CW) Oct. 3
Ex List (CBS) Oct. 3
Game (CW) Oct. 3
Ghost Whisperer (CBS) Oct. 3
Numb3rs (CBS) Oct. 3
Sanctuary (SciFi) Oct. 3
Supernanny (ABC) Oct. 3
Wife Swap (ABC) Oct. 3
WWE Smackdown (MyNetwork) Oct. 3
America’s Funniest Home Videos (ABC) Oct. 5
Breaking The Magicians Code (MyNetwork) Oct. 6
Celebrity Expose (MyNetwork) Oct. 6
Samantha Who? (ABC) Oct. 6
Funniest Moments (MyNetwork) Oct. 8
TV Land Myths & Legends (TV Land) Oct. 8
Tony Rock Project (MyNetwork) Oct. 8
Under One Roof (MyNetwork) Oct. 8
***although doubtful***CSI (CBS) Oct. 9
***Eleventh Hour (CBS) Oct. 9
Kath & Kim (NBC) Oct. 9
Life On Mars (ABC) Oct. 9
SNL Weekend Update Thursday (NBC) Oct. 9
Testees (FX) Oct. 9
Starter Wife (USA) Oct. 10
Gimme My Reality Show (Fox Reality) Oct. 11
My Own Worst Enemy (NBC) Oct. 13
***Eli Stone (ABC) Oct. 14
Chocolate News (CC) Oct. 15
South Park (CC) Oct. 15
Crash (Starz) Oct. 17
Crusoe (NBC) Oct. 17
Frank TV (TBS) Oct. 21
Stylista (CW) Oct. 22
30 Rock (NBC) Oct. 30
Surviving Suburbia (CW) Nov. 2
My Bare Lady (Fox Reality) Nov. 8
** Youtube this*** It’s funny. Summer Heights High (HBO) Nov. 9

All this to say:  Don’t forget to go outside and play!! Tivoing your shows and having just 1 or 2 nights a week to marathon is MUCH better than sitting inside on the couch every night.  I’ve lost 20 pounds since the Spring and I’ve never felt better.  I still have a ways to go, but being active is an even better escape than television.

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Fox cans the 1st New Show of the 2008 Fall TV Season

September 26, 2008 at 5:09 pm (babbling, Entertainment, TV) (, , , , , , , )

Fox’s “Do Not Disturb” is the first show to get canceled by a network.  Good bye, and hopefully it means more money for Fringe. YAY.  It’s still my favorite this season.

Grey’s Anatomy” is the first show to get deleted from my tivo.  I’m sick of the interpersonal and relationship drama. The plot just keeps going in circles.  I just don’t care anymore.

I’ve heard Knight Rider, Worst Week, Gary Unmarried and Opportunity Knocks were unimpressive, so I’m glad I didn’t waste my time.  Did any of you watch these and have thoughts?? I say they are ripe for canceling!!

I haven’t watched anymore of 90210 because of my previously stated issues with the show.  And I’m giving Bones and Heroes just 1 or 2 more chances and then I will be done with them too.

Heroes was better than Season 2, but still not as good as Season 1.  I liked the intensity of the premiere Season 3 episode and a few of the twists, but overall it missed the heart that was in Season 1.  It would also be nice if there were clear cut Heroes, since that IS the title.  And seriously they should have left Ali Larter out of the show and dead.  She’s not that great of an actress, even though I know a lot of people who have crushes on her.

The Criminal Minds premiere was good, but it looks like next week they will go back to the old stories about women being killed and victimized.  That’s where I can’t watch it anymore, it’s just a personal preference so I don’t get paranoid and start looking for serial killers everywhere.

More new shows to come in October, including Chuck in 3 days.

Photo From NBC

Photo From NBC

P.S.  Good bye WAMU and hello JP Morgan Chase.  Up Next?? Wachovia clients to panic??

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Tuesday Night TV and a 5k

September 16, 2008 at 9:08 am (babbling, Entertainment, TV) (, , , , )

My weekend was great.  I did my 2nd 5k for the year which happened to be only a mile or so from my house on the CBS Radford lot.  It was fun to run on the backlot and see where some of the magic happens.  Most of the celebrities were down at the LA Marathon, but it was a fun group of people.  My old co-worker Maggie kicked butt in her first 5k and actually did her best time ever.

Usually I’m in dark bays and they don’t let me near filming. Although my edit bay has a lovely window for the show I’m currently editing.

Since 9-11 most of the Studios have discontinued races such as this, but CBS Radford is one of the last to keep it going.  I’ve signed up for another in December:  The Just Say No to Drugs Griffith Park 5k.  I’m looking for one in October, Maggie mentioned a costumed/Halloween one I might hit.  If I can do it, you surely can…so sign up!!

Lots of TV tonight folks:  Don’t forget to watch Fringe Episode 2 tonight.

Tonight’s Premieres –
FOX: House at 8 pm
NBC: The Biggest Loser at 8 pm
ABC Family: Lincoln Heights at 8 pm
Fine Living Network: Whatever, Martha! at 9 pm

Tonight’s Finales –
ABC: Wipeout at 8 pm
CBS: Big Brother at 9 pm

Did I tell you “Deal or No Deal” has been canned?? They are finishing out filming and they have several months of it tapped in the can which will still air, but then it wil be done.

What are you all watching and enjoying so far this new TV Season??

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