Vegas Baby!!

August 14, 2007 at 10:12 am (babbling, Cars, Traffic, Vegas) (, , )

This past weekend Sam and I decided to fight LA traffic and head out way to Vegas. See both CA and Vegas fight over the roads. California thinks that Vegas should pay for the roads to be widened since Vegas is the one who primarily profits from the traffic. Where as NV says “idiot, they are YOUR roads.” Once you hit the NV border everything picks up. It’s the CA side that’s retarded. But then most California roads are like that. Poorly planned for the amount of traffic that’s on them. And what’s really sad??? They are going to get a WHOLE lot worse before they finally get better. Don’t get me started on the huge gas tax and license fee that seems to go to special interest groups and NOT what it’s intended for.

Dope, sorry…I got off topic.


We had gone to Vegas to meet up with friends of my parents, The Pitmans. They happen to frequent the Star Trek convention so we decided to drive out to meet up with them. Sam had never met them before. We stayed at the Hilton, where they were staying to make meeting up between their sessions easier. Sam and I arrived so late the hotel was forced to upgrade out room. (being overbooked) We had a HUGE king sized bed, Jacuzzi tub, and a beautiful view of the strip.

Primarily we ate. And ate some more. Buffet the Saturday for breakfast and then dinner at the “Top of the World” restaurant at the top of the Stratosphere. Then Sunday brunch before we hit the road.

Somewhere in there we were able to cram in the Imperial Palace’s Vintage Car display. That hotel is REALLY crummy, but they had some beautiful cars: Bugati, Ford Mustang, Mini Cooper, Maserati, Rolls Royce etc.rolls.jpg

While we were talking to the Pitmans we realized that Sam and I hadn’t been away together for over a year and 1/2. Now I think we are aware of it, we will take more weekend get aways.



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