Sorry it’s been awhile…

March 12, 2010 at 10:20 am (Uncategorized)

I’m sorry it’s been awhile.  13 weeks ago tomorrow my son joined us.  Sam and I have been enjoying parenthood.

I ventured back into the editing world about a month ago now, so finding my legs and adequate rest has been quite difficult. Editing at least is a good world to be a parent in.  Your hours are fairly stable, your work is fairly regular, and occasionally you get lunches in which you can sneak home to say hello.

TV updates:  Fringe, Supernatural, Smallville, Community, 30 Rock, The Office, Brothers & Sisters, Undercover Boss, NCIS,  have all been renewed.

TV rumors:  24 is canceled, but they will be doing a movie. Heroes, Mercy & Trauma to be canceled.

I’m sure more renewals and cancellations will come soon.  The Winter Olympics always throws everything off.

What are you watching??


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Premiere Week 2 – Monday, September 24th

September 24, 2007 at 9:39 am (Entertainment, TV, Uncategorized)

Tonight’s Premieres –
ABC: Dancing with the Stars at 8p and The Bachelor at 930p
CBS: How I Met Your Mother at 8p, The Big Bang Theory at 830p, Two and a Half Men at 9p, Rules of Engagement at 930p and CSI: Miami at 10p
NBC: Chuck at 8p, Heroes at 9p and Journeyman at 10p

Tonight’s Finales –
MYNET: IFC Battleground at 8p
VH1: The Pick-Up Artist at 9p

I will tivo Heroes and Journeyman.

Shows I caught up on:   Kitchen Nightmares was GREAT!!! This is how reality shows should be all the time!!! First off the family that was cast was perfect:  emotional, dramatic and full of problems.  Secondly I love how Chef Ramsey puts his foot down and kicks butt.  Thirdly A LOAN SHARK?? This couldn’t have been any better if they had scripted it.  AWESOME!!   This is the first reality show in awhile that makes me sit up and take notice.

Top Model:  well, it was mildly entertaining although makes me thankful for liking food, and not knowing too many bitchy stupid girls like that.   The girls are all young, tall and leggy.  They are very “model” looking (while there have been a few seasons where they seemed to be cast more so for their personalities).  So far my favorite is the underdog:  Heather who had Asperger’s disease which is a mild version of autism.  Typically the show rotates between different nationalities to who wins each season.  Technically that would make this a white girl season.  I think I will be a casual watcher (not adding it to the tivo, but if I’m home and bored I will turn it on.)

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