TV Updates 11/13/08

November 13, 2008 at 1:10 pm (babbling, Entertainment, movies, TV) (, )

MadTV and King of the Hill bite the dust.  Now who will compete against SNL now?? Seriously I thought SNL would go before MadTV, but I guess the pre-election stunts helped them recover a bit.

NBC also canceled My Own Worst Enemy.  Which I told you would happen, so you all better not be upset or surprised.

Pushing Daisies is on a serious bubble to be canceled too, so if you love the show email ABC now because it’s too late.

More orders for Intervention, Gone Country, Life, Fringe, The Mentalist, Dexter, Private Practice, Psych, Burn Notice and Privileged.  And shows also with more orders, but to my surprise Kath & Kim, Samantha Who, Knight Rider, Sarah Conner Chronicles and Denise Richards?!? Seriously?!? LAME!

Still no news on Chuck. 😦

Oh and for those of you who liked it, I will be attending the red carpet event for the teen vampire movie Twilight next Monday.  My main stress right now is what to wear.


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1 more tv show deleted from tivo and why you should go see Iron Man

May 3, 2008 at 12:43 am (babbling, Entertainment, movies, TV) (, , , , , )

So the show I deleted from my tivo:

Ugly Betty.

Yep it’s gone.  I don’t want to see Betty pine over a jerk who knocked up another woman and is still letting this other woman control and manipulate him.  It’s become TOO much of a soap opera and the only two characters I care about are supporting cast and minor players.  It’s who’s in love with who, and framing who… possibly killing.  Nope, I don’t like it anymore.  It used to make me smile and happy.  The innocence and subtle humor is gone and so it is gone from my tivo.  Good bye old friend.

I think this decision is spurred from an on-going discussion inside myself.  Sam described it best with a baseball metaphor.  When the baseball strike happened, he found other things to do and lost interest in the MLB.  Well the writer’s guild strike came, television disappeared for awhile, we picked up new hobbies and now it’s just not that good old thing we remember.  Canceling Jericho and the impending finale of Battlestar also don’t help the matter.  I want depth, I want social commentary, I don’t want fluff or extra drama.  Life has enough of it’s own drama built in.

Alright on to lighter subject matter:  Iron Man.

Boy did this movie ROCK my socks off.  Robert Downey Jr. was fantastic.  His range of emotion (although rare in a superhero movie) was great.  He was subtle and yet commanded attention.  Time and time again Downey shows his talent.  I hope that he’s found peace in his life from his struggles and addiction because I want to see him in more movies.  GET WORKING ROBERT!! 🙂 Please.

The directing (other than the bad cameo) was also superb.  Jon Favreau truly had a fantastic vision for the Iron Man movies and made it come to life on the screen in a friendly way both to comic book fans and just the normal movie goer alike.

Even Gwyneth Paltrow was believable.  I totally bought her in the role of Pepper Potts.  I admit being skeptical to her casting as typically she’s just cute and fluffly with little depth.  I know, I know it’s a personal opinion, so please don’t be upset.

The CGI was fun and not overly done.  The robot costumes built by Stan Winston’s Workshop were remarkable.  (and yes I’m still floating from visiting their uber secret location and seeing the 1st Iron Man suit in person.)  The score was both fun (AC/DC) and creative (industrial pieces even).

It was great.  Favreau has set the bar high for the summer movies. I feel like Indiana Jones might beat it in box office $$, but really I don’t think any of the ones on the list will beat it quality wise.  SO GO SEE IT!!

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The Return of Television

April 29, 2008 at 11:16 pm (Entertainment, movies, TV)

Well scripted television shows are slowly returning as we quickly approach May sweeps.  It’s the time of year networks show their best episodes, of their best shows and the ratings count the most towards advertiser dollars and renewal contracts for the fall.

My first episode of Overhaulin’ premiered last week. Fans were overall positive about the new show, saying they liked the new format and felt it was more like a car show.  TLC hasn’t been advertising it much though, and has hidden their website for it so I’m fairly certain it’s done for – but that’s NEVER written in stone and just me guessing.  It was a fun show to work on although I’m sad I never got to meet Chip Foose.  

Being an editor you see so much footage of the people on the show you feel like you know them – although you don’t and they have NO idea who you are for the most part.

I’m still working on Bridezilla’s Season 5.  We are about 1/2 way thru our episodes and will premiere in June.  The staff has changed a bit and overall I like everyone I’m working with.  

What am I watching now??  Grey’s Anatomy, Ugly Betty, Hell’s Kitchen, of course Battlestar Galatica, and House.  I will be watching Heroes and I do catch Lost online.

Summer movies??

I bought tickets early for Sam and I to see both Iron Man and the new Indiana Jones movie opening weekends at the Arclight Hollywood.  If any of you live in Los Angeles and haven’t been to the Arclight theatre, it’s the best.  From reserved seating, to no lines, optimal sound and audio, and your feet not sticking to the floors it’s Sam and my favorite theatre.  Sam’s resistant to us going to the theatre at all, wanting to save for a huge HD TV, but there are just some movies you HAVE to see opening weekend.

Other ones I want to go see:  Get Smart, Wall-E, Wanted, Dark Knight, Hell Boy 2, X-Files, and maybe Tropic Thunder.  Some I will rent, but that’s WAY more movies than last summer.  Last summer was disappointing.

What are you watching right now? And what summer movies are you looking forward to??

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A Golden Compass

November 2, 2007 at 10:37 am (babbling, books, Entertainment, Family, movies, Parents, religion) (, , , , , , , )

I was going to come up with a witty title for this particular blog although everything I could think of was just down right mean:

Christian Shee-ple, Insane Boycotts, Emails that make your Stomach Turn for example. None of them however could fully and accurately portray how important and heated this issue makes me.

I am not a parent yet, and I understand parents WANT to protect their children. I believe it’s something inside each of us, and I’m not trying to diminish that at all.

So what happened?? My parents sent me an email explaining why I should not go see a movie. I trust my parents, I love them dearly but this made my eyebrows raise. The email went as follows:


Click on the link below for Snopes and read the article regarding the movie….scary.

This is important since the marketing for this movie has already started. It looks a lot like “Narnia” but is so far from it. BEWARE!

There will be a new Children’s movie out in December called THE GOLDEN COMPASS. It is written by Phillip Pullman, a proud atheist who belongs to secular humanist societies. He hates C. S. Lewis’s Chronicle’s of Narnia and has written a trilogy to show the other side. The movie has been dumbed down to fool kids and their parents in the hope that they will buy his trilogy where in the end the children kill God and everyone can do as they please. Nicole Kidman stars in the movie so it will probably be advertised a lot. This is just a friendly warning that you sure won’t hear on the regular TV.

ALSO, for additional info, follow the links:

Pullman, a prominent British atheist, has acknowledged that this is in fact his goal. He has claimed that “it is my goal to go after Christianity, I want God to be dead in my works. I want to undermine Christianity.”

I have several key issues with this email. I am a Christian, but I do not support these kind of boycotts or email spams.

So I wonder, since when does a person’s beliefs determine whether their work of fiction is valid, good or bad?! I love Asimov’s writing, and he was an atheist. It doesn’t mean he was a bad writer, he was actually a great writer. More so, just because a book is written by a Christian author doesn’t mean it’s good. In fact most of the time if it’s written by a Christian author I assume the book is bad because the Christian subculture has accepted mediocrity for too long, in ALL of their artistic endeavors: music, books, movies etc. I don’t understand why are some people saying this is a bad series of books, or even a movie based on the author’s beliefs? I shouldn’t have to go thru the list of American classic novels or award winning works, and their authors and list off all their religions. They would be too many to count and it should not be an issue.

Edgar Allen Poe – Atheist
Mark Twain – thought to be Presbyterian although wrote the anti-religious book “The Mysterious Stranger”
Ray Bradbury – Atheist
E.M. Forester – Railed passionately against the church
Aldous Huxley – Humanist
J.D. Salinger – Known as Hindu although dabbled in Buddism, Scientology, Christian Science and Homeopathy
George Orwell – Agnostic and especially disliked churches
Leo Tolstoy – Rejected the church and is known as being a Rationalist

Should we also then seclude authors who are alcoholics? Hemingway and Faulkner for example. Or authors who committed suicide?? Or any other thing we want to classify and judge as a sin for that matter?

Furthermore, spam emails are not authority. Shouldn’t we want to be educated? Read or see the information for ourselves and then make the decision?? Education is power, not blind following – or becoming sheeple. (Sheep + People = Sheeple) We must think and decide for ourselves, that is the power of free will. Shouldn’t Christians have learned from the emails to boycott Disney?!?!? Seriously, it didn’t work then why do you think it will work now?

Shouldn’t parents use this movie as a means to talk about religion, atheism, and diversity of the world with their children?? So that instead of teenagers and adults that have been overly sheltered going into the world and having overload, they know already what they believe and why. Wouldn’t that be better? The world is too small these days and diverse to live inside a bubble. If there is a God, he then created all this diversity for a reason and it should not be excluded just because it’s different.

Then there’s the fact I work in TV and have dabbled in film. I know with great certain that rarely does the writer’s true intentions become the final product of a film. There are too many people to go through. For instance networks, executives, directors, screenplay writers, editors, producers all put their spin on the story. Does this mean any movie that someone works on that believes something other than what we believe we should not go to??

All this to say, please don’t think all Christians eat these kind of emails up. There are many of us that don’t. And please decide for yourself!!!


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September 4, 2007 at 4:38 pm (babbling, Entertainment, movies) (, , )


One of my friends (Theresa) and I went to see Stardust on Sunday night. I expected this movie to suck. The trailer was cheesy and lame, but I kept hearing from friends how great it was. Thus I went with low expectations merely for the distraction from the fact that Sam was still working overnights.
And what did I find?? I was pleasantly surprised!!

This movie was funny and romantic. It had good morales, it was innocent and yet gory. Great adventure and fight scenes. Interesting special effects throw in for story and not just because they could do them. The acting was great, the script was witty, the characters were well shaped. I couldn’t believe how good it was. In fact I think it had elements that are similar to Princess Bride. Which happens to be one of my favorite fantasy, adventure comedies out there. The only down point for me was that the music was a little repetitive and I didn’t like the fact it was wall-to-wall. Sometimes it’s nice just to let a scene play itself without any music at all.

I liked it, enough to even rent it or take Sam to see it. So if you like fantasy and don’t mind pirates, witches, and a little magic I say give this one a whirl.

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Here come the FUZZ!!!

July 31, 2007 at 4:17 pm (movies) (, , , , , )


Today “Hot Fuzz” comes out on video and I think you should buy it. So far it’s been my favorite film of the year. It’s well written, good comedic timing, great action and some interesting CGI things that you wouldn’t expect.

I don’t want to ruin it for you so I won’t give too much away. This movie is brought to you by the same team that did “Shaun of the Dead.” “Shaun of the Dead” is a comedic zombie movie and is also fun.

Hot Fuzz” made me laugh and was the perfect escapism film. It had lots of action and spoofing of other movies. If you click on the title you can watch the trailer or play a game based on the film.

Inside information from the Q&A with the director, writer and stars: Edgar Wright, Nick Frost and Simon Pegg was very revealing. First off everything they do, they cement in script form before shooting. They don’t improvise anything because they said they don’t have the time or money to waste doing such. They are not announcing their next film as a team because then unrealistic expectations are put on when the next film is to be done. The TV series “Spaced,” the three of them worked on together in England will be available on DVD soon in the US. Complications arose because the music they licensed wasn’t available (or was crazy expensive) to license for US DVD release.

Overall this is a talented team that I’m looking forward to seeing more of their work on the big screen in the future. SO RENT OR BUY HOT FUZZ ALREADY!!! It will be as good for you as jumping thru the air shooting two guns could be.

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Chuck and Larry

July 24, 2007 at 4:08 pm (babbling, movies, religion) (, , )

Last night Sam and I ventured to the AMC at Universal Citywalk with our friends Natalie #2 and her husband Andrew to see “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry.”

I typically enjoy Adam Sandler, and was in need of a good laugh. Overall the theatre was nice: HUGE plushy seats, free refills for those glutenous moments, nice size screen, the audience was respectful. It was a theatre I will feel comfortable going back to, unlike other AMCs in the city…but that’s another discussion. I enjoyed the movie, and think it was a fun date out.

This blog is about the horrible sinking sensation I felt in my stomach at a certain part in the film. Our heroes have gone to an AIDS benefit costume party. At the conclusion of the party they step outside to be hounded by a group of right-winged Christians. I myself am a Socialist and Christian. I know there are other Christians out there who behave in this manner. I have been fortunate to grow up in Toronto, Canada and now live in LA where that behavior is rare. This scene made me so sad. As a Christian you are called to love, and not to judge. For people to behave this way makes me ashamed. Yet I don’t know what to do about it. It makes me not want to tell people I’m a Christian at all. And it makes me cheer when our heroes finally punch the silly man with the ice cold heart.

The only saving point for me, in the film was near the end when the “pastor” says something to the effect of: I now pronounce you husband and husband, by the great Provence of Ontario, which is in Canada and has not had the closed minded views that our neighbor to the South has.

I have gay and lesbian friends and co-workers. I love them all, and I apologize from the bottom of my heart for the injustice and cruelty they’ve had to undergo. And I beg of you, please do not judge all Christian’s by the actions of a few.

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