So…where have I been??

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I’m surprised no one has asked where I’ve been?? Recovering from the LA Magazine Food Flop??? Nope, jury duty.

Tuesday AM I had to report to jury duty and Tuesday after lunch I was assigned to a room who was casting a jury for a murder trial. Talk about CRAZY. The rest of the afternoon was interviewing potential jurors.

I can tell you the defendant is slippery. He’s a showman and has a plan. The prosecution is a take charge woman. She’s highly educated, very smart and hates loosing. Although she doesn’t know how to talk to the common man. She’s convoluted and she probably needs to take a class in profiling – although she was coughing lots, so perhaps she’s just fighting an illness and feels like she can’t take a day off. I know when I’m sick, I’m off my game so perhaps this was her problem.  It sounds like this case is a love triangle.  A man shoot another man in 2005.  The defense is going with the self defense plea and the prosecution is trying to prove that it was plain old murder.

The most hilarious part was that they found two potential jurors (both women) who actually believe everything they see on CSI is real. I couldn’t believe it. One woman even argued with the prosecution saying she KNEW that these shows had researchers and thus used real cases, and techniques of processing evidence. I wanted to take that woman aside and explain how tv works, how even in reality tv things aren’t necessarily 100 % real.

Ok day 2 I had to report back. At this point I was stressed, sweating it and several thoughts raced through my head.

Thought #1 – only a rare few want to do jury duty and I am not one of those few. I don’t want to sit and judge someone. I don’t want to hold their life in my hands.
Thought #2 – the court no longer accepts financial hardships unless it’s an EXTREME circumstance as a reason to be dismissed. They want a larger cross section of people from all income levels. But the courts in LA pay crap. $15 a day is a joke. I’m the primarily income in my house and I kept tallying how much money I would loose being on a 10+ day case. INSANE!! I felt extremely sorry for a woman who ended up being a juror who’s husband is in rehab, has an 18 month old child and is a hair dresser. She’s pretty much a single mom right now and screwed. My heart broke for her.
Thought #3 – I’m a skeptic. The first thing I thought was wow look at how the defense dressed up the little gang banger to try and make him look more respectable for court. It wasn’t right of me to think that, especially when someone is guilty until proven innocent. It disturbs me that’s where I went. But I did, I went there in my head and I’m ashamed.
Thought #4 – People who have been in this country for 5+ years and are citizens should NOT be able to get out of jury duty because their English isn’t very good. To become a citizen you should SPEAK AND READ ENGLISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Seriously, how do you function if you don’t?? I’m KNOW a few were lying.  Heck one woman works at City of Hope (Cancer hospital) was talking about loving ER and Amazing Race in the hallways in perfect English and then to be kicked out says she doesn’t understand what the lawyers are saying.  I realize English is a difficult language to learn, but PLEASE.  There were people saying they’ve been in the US for 15-20 years and have been citizens for 10+ years and yet don’t understand?!?!? Or can’t read the little question sheet??? PLEASE. /rolls her eyes at all of them/  You are under oath people, so don’t lie.  And if you want to be a part of American culture – LEARN ENGLISH.  /gets off soap box/

I’m sure there are other thoughts I’m missing.  I was in the last 10 people being interviewed for an alternative position at the VERY end of the day and then was dismissed. It was nerve wrecking, I wasn’t sleeping well, chewed off all my cuticles, and was seriously stressed.  I’m thankful that I was not chosen for this case.

On to TV news: CW officially cancels the first freshman show Online Nation. As well as CW was the first to renew a Freshman series for a 2nd season, Gossip Girl.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles has been given a premiere date – Monday, January 14 at 8 pm on Fox, leading into the season premiere of 24.

Tonight’s Premieres –
CBS: Viva Laughlin at 10 pm

Tonight’s Finales –
AMC: Mad Men at 10 pm
MTV: Celebrity Rap Superstar at 10 pm


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