Tonight in TV, Yesterday in Food, Tomorrow in Life

September 20, 2007 at 11:29 am (babbling, Entertainment, Food, Friends, TV)

Let’s get the boring TV stuff out of the way first…

Tonight’s Premieres –
CBS: Survivor: China at 8p

Tonight’s Finales –
USA: Burn Notice at 10p (NOTE: this is 2 hours)

Sam will be watching Burn Notice sometime this weekend, as we aren’t home tonight.

Last night my Foodies group hit up Providence on Melrose. If you haven’t been there yet I highly recommend you save your pennies and go.  You can read about it on our Foodies’ Group new blog.  It’s a great group of people to enjoy the art of food with.

Tonight I get to play with “The Fever” and their bowling team.  I’m an alt player and one of the teammates is away.  I’m looking forward to it!!

Tomorrow?? Well I have nothing planned, perhaps a relaxing evening with the hubby on the couch.  Perhaps a little Jericho Season 1.  Who knows?? Either way it will be an adventure.


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September 14, 2007 at 9:09 am (babbling, Entertainment, Friends, TV) (, , )

There hasn’t been too much TV on the last couple weeks. It’s been great to get out and do other things: bowl, hang out with friends, eat out, get mani/pedi.s, and most of all not sit in front of the TV. I worry with so many new things on the TV this fall that people will forget the benefits of NOT being a couch potato.

I think as friends we should motivate each other to get off of our butts and get out more. Screw tv, their loyalty isn’t to us anyway. They cancel the shows we like, while we are LOVING them, blogging about them, talking about them on message boards. I think the man just cares about his precious advertising dollar.

I know in my heart this is great in theory, but it’s not going work. We are addicts, hanging in for some resolution. We are desperate to see if the writers of LOST can make that show make ANY kind of sense, we want to see if Kiefer will ever learn how to do anything besides yell or whisper on 24, we want to see if anyone on Grey’s anatomy will grow out of their self-destructive natures. It’s a tragic cycle, and then before we get any kind of satisfactory answer the show is gone. The shows are then lost into the vaults of re-runs and DVDs.

Tonight’s Premieres:
CMT: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team at 8p
FOX: Nashville at 9p

Tonight’s Finales:
The CW: Friday Night Smackdown! at 8p
USA: Monk at 9p and Psych at 10p
CMT: Ty Murray’s Celebrity Bull Riding Challenge at 9p

Sunday’s Premieres:
National Geographic: Inside the Living Body at 8p

Sunday’s Finales:
TV Guide: Making News: Texas Style at 8p
HGTV: HGTV Design Star at 9p
USA: The 4400 at 9p and The Dead Zone at 1001p
TV One: David E. Talbert Presents at 10p
WE tv: Wedding Central at 11p

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Pranks between friends

September 11, 2007 at 3:37 pm (babbling, Entertainment, Friends)

My friend Eric decided to get my an iPod shuffle as a prank. He inscribed on it “i has limitz ur iTunes, Natuhweeeeee.” Hillarious, I chuckled to myself as I opened it… but alas it’s not the best prank ever because I like it. While these little iPods seem lame because they hold so few songs, they are hard to charge, they are hard to maneuver the menu and they can not play any video at all ever, I like it.

It’s small and a redish-pink color which is super cute. It’s small so perfect for running or bowling or even needing in a little motivation at work.

I’m glad it wasn’t a real prank because I think of things like paying a company that delivers poop in a bag or getting fart spray and spraying their house…or car before a date with it. Yep folks, you don’t want to be in a prank war with me – I’m a little evil.


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