L.A. Magazine’s Food Flop

October 15, 2007 at 10:50 am (babbling, Entertainment, Food, TV) (, , )

Happy Monday all. I hope you are enjoying the sprinkling of rain here in Los Angeles. And if you aren’t in Los Angeles, I hope you are enjoying your fall weather too!!

Sunday was the big event of the weekend – Los Angeles Magazine’s Home Grown: Food Event! I am a Foodie. I LOVE food, I love eating out and experience new flavors and combinations. I have been looking forward to this even for weeks. And yet I was majorly disappointed. Disorganization started from the time you got in line, I think this fund raising event suffered from lack of production. You started in a homemade line, with 2 foot of ropes (not nearly enough) that went out into the parking lot for Will Call. They knew the numbers of people who were doing pick up, why didn’t they make more lines? And have more tables for check in?? Common sense people!!! We showed up a half hour early and the line was already back to where you pay for parking. They didn’t start letting people even check in until 15 minutes late. The radio station that was there to “DJ” had speakers RIGHT by the presentation room meaning you couldn’t hear at all. I am a loyal reader of Los Angeles Magazine. I have been since the time of it’s inception. Although this being my first event hosted by them, I was sadly disheartened.

The demonstrations weren’t produced well either. The video camera for the monitoring the chef’s preparations was pointed in the wrong area. The microphones weren’t working, other than to be over-modulated and ruin our ear drums with feedback. The host was the WORST (Jack Hanover), talking about how he hates an ingredient, hogging tastes and samples for himself instead of letting more people in the audience taste it, making lame jokes and talking over the chefs. These were 5 star chefs – LET THEM TALK. I’m sure he’s a nice guy and he is good looking, but he was not well suited for this event. Demonstrations were provided by: Michael Ciramusti from Providence, Betty (who has Grub restaurant) and CJ both from Top Chef, the hailed rock & roll chef Kerry Simon from Simon LA, Josie from Josie’s Restaurant in Santa Monica and more.

The positive note about the event were the restaurants: the food was GREAT! They had samples from The Palms, Father’s Office, Simon LA, La Crema Wine, LA Mill (new coffee shop going into Silverlake), Josie, NineThirty and more. I think we are going to go check out NineThirty which has a new chef in the W hotel. They had our favorite samples for the event.

Proceeds went to LA Mission, which was nice. Although then I felt bad that we were eating all that great food that people at the mission would never get to try.

Well LA Magazine I know this isn’t the first year you’ve done this event, but needless to say: unless I hear that you’ve ironed out all the kinks I think this will be an event I pass on next year.
Today’s Premiere –
CBS: The Price is Right with Drew Carey hosting at 11 am

Tonight’s Premieres –
ABC: Samantha Who? At 932 pm
VH1: The Salt ‘n’ Pepa Show at 10 pm and Gotti’s Way at 1030 pm

Tonight’s Finales –
MTV: The Life of Ryan at 1030 pm


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Tonight in TV, Yesterday in Food, Tomorrow in Life

September 20, 2007 at 11:29 am (babbling, Entertainment, Food, Friends, TV)

Let’s get the boring TV stuff out of the way first…

Tonight’s Premieres –
CBS: Survivor: China at 8p

Tonight’s Finales –
USA: Burn Notice at 10p (NOTE: this is 2 hours)

Sam will be watching Burn Notice sometime this weekend, as we aren’t home tonight.

Last night my Foodies group hit up Providence on Melrose. If you haven’t been there yet I highly recommend you save your pennies and go.  You can read about it on our Foodies’ Group new blog.  It’s a great group of people to enjoy the art of food with.

Tonight I get to play with “The Fever” and their bowling team.  I’m an alt player and one of the teammates is away.  I’m looking forward to it!!

Tomorrow?? Well I have nothing planned, perhaps a relaxing evening with the hubby on the couch.  Perhaps a little Jericho Season 1.  Who knows?? Either way it will be an adventure.

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