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July 25, 2007 at 4:37 pm (babbling, Baby Names) (, , , )

Let’s just get this out of the way first: no Sam and I aren’t pregnant.

Yesterday a friend of mine in IL (Trish) and I were on IM trying to think of baby names for another friend who’s baby is due in December. The requirement was that they seem to like last names used a first names, and the baby is a girl. It’s harder than you think, because most last names are masculine: Jacobson, Manning, Smith, Hitchcock, Feldman etc.

This is the list we came up with:

Peyton Manning Herbert, Jesse Porche Herbert, Hayley Brooke Herbert, the father’s idea: Frigg N. Herbert, Schwartz Rose Herbert, Schnider Serenity Herbert, January Rain Herbert, Fillion Isabella Herbert, Picard Madona Herbert, Baldwin Betty Herbert,
Lucas Meadow Herbert, Wheaton Inara Herbert, Macy Rae Herbert, Mercy Me Herbert, Chase Kelly Herbert, Craft Ryan Herbert, Chase Muscle Herbert, Chase Schwartzenegger Herbert, Chase Sarah Herbert, Burr Cold Herbert, Gellar Michelle Herbert, Lee Anne Herbert, Love Ew Herbert, Carrey Leigh Herbert, Lara Angela Herbert, Kelly Alison Herbert, Ainsley Vivian Herbert, Emma Leigh O’Brien (already claimed by the other friend), Luna Stephanie Herbert, Hope Lee Herbert, Taylor Shana Herbert, Taylor Melody Herbert, Melrose Joy Herbert, Buneigh Keelor Herbert, Scully Jean Herbert, Jean Elizabeth Herbert, Brooke Andrea Herbert… and then work was over and we both got to go home.

Hopefully if anything that gave you a good laugh. And extra points if you are able to follow our train of thought. haha


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