A few more of the Fall 2009 TV Premieres

October 5, 2009 at 9:43 am (babbling, Entertainment, TV)

First of the new shows canceled was Ashton Kutcher’s “The Beautiful Life.” It’s ratings were just super low.  I didn’t watch it because I really don’t care about models and their lives.

Eastwick – I thought this would just be a Charmed like reboot and wasn’t really looking forward to it at all. Because of it’s time slot (when nothing else is on), I decided to give it a chance. And I liked it. It had good comedic timing, it was interesting and mysterious. Even when it was a little predictable they pulled it off in a charming way.

Flash Forward – VERY interesting concept. Everyone (save a few) passes out and sees what’s going to happen 9 months later. This episode was extremely depressing and futile. If in the next week or so we don’t see that they can change their futures, I will also delete this show from the tivo cue.

Grey’s Anatomy – normally I like this show, but this episode felt WAY too predictable. Other than the curve ball at the end of the show, which seems like a desperate way to inject new life into the series. I think if it continues down this path I may just delete it in a couple weeks.

Smallville – sadly I don’t remember what happened – OH WAIT – yeah a bunch of mushy stuff. My biggest beef is that Superman now looks like Batman. It was just meh. Sadly I thought the last season of this show would be a little more – epic.

Mercy – was trying WAY to hard to be Grey’s Anatomy, except wasn’t as well written or acted.  Especially when they take the heroine and make her a cheating biatch in 1 episode.  Networks – WE NEED PEOPLE TO ROOT FOR!! We need to know them and love them before you throw major stones at them or get them stuck in a tree.  I have deleted it from the tivo.

I hear Dexter was awesome. We netflix the show, so we won’t get to see the new season until January. It is a fairly dark show, but has amazing writing.

Sam will update you on NCIS, NCIS LA and Numb3rs if you are interested. I went to sleep for those.


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