Fall 2009 New Shows/Premiere Dates

August 26, 2009 at 4:25 pm (babbling, Entertainment, TV)

Hi everyone! Sorry it’s been so long.  Sam and I are expecting and have just 4 months left until we have our first born child.  It’s a boy.  So much to do and so little time!!

The fall tv season is approaching at breakneck speed. Hopefully this will help you set your @tivo schedule better.

New Shows

The only new show on Monday nights is at 9pm on NBC Trauma. It’s a Paramedic show and the fall promos seem half decent.  With ER off the air, most of the networks are trying to replace it. We will see if this one sticks.

Tuesday night has a few new shows.  ABC at 8pm has Shark Tank (which honestly looks like a crappy local tv reality show – you try to convince millionaires to invest in you). At 10pm ABC has The Forgotten (interesting concept, they are trying to figure out who 40,000 dead people were, but is this just another Christian Slater flop?).   CBS has NCIS: LA at 9pm and at 10pm the The Good Wife.  It is starring Julianna Margulies as a mom who has to take control of her family when her husband goes to jail after a very public sex scandal.  I think I will pass on this one.

Wednesday nights is a whole new sitcom night for ABC including old stars in new shows. Kelsey Grammer is starring in Hank, Patricia Heaton in The Middle, Ed O’Neil aka Al Bundy in a very funny new show called The Modern Family and Courtney Cox is in Cougar Town.  CW is going for Gossip Girl in the high fashion world with The Beautiful Life: TBL at 9pm. Pass! NBC also looking to steal ER’s audience with the nurse drama Mercy at 8pm. Let’s say maybe on that one, wait and see what the buzz is.  One show I am looking forward to this fall and that has GREAT potential is Fox’s new show Glee at 9pm.

Thursday nights for ABC has FlashForward at 8pm.  This is where the whole world blacks out and sees what happens 6 months from that day. FlashForward has a great promo campaign, and I will be tivoing it to see what it’s like.  CW is trying to use True Blood and Twilight’s buzz  to release Vampire Dairies at 8pm.  Although VD has the WORST advertising campaign EVER – we don’t want to see 2 teens just sitting around and WRITING. UGH. AWFUL.  I won’t watch it unless it gets AMAZING buzz.  So let me know if you guys watch this and like it.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday has nothing new/notable.  For all the shows including the old ones go here for a full breakdown.  I’ve not mentioned Melrose Place because it doesn’t count as new, just recycled.

Premiere Dates

Tues. Sept. 8
8 PM – CW “90210”
9 PM – CW “Melrose Place”

Wed. Sept. 9
8 PM – CW “America’s Next Top Model”

Thurs. Sept. 10
8 PM – CW “The Vampire Diaries”
9 PM – CW “Supernatural”

Mon. Sept. 14
8 PM – CW “One Tree Hill”
9 PM – CW “Gossip Girl”
10 PM – NBC “The Jay Leno Show” with Jerry Seinfield as guest

Tues. Sept. 15
8-10 P.M. – NBC “The Biggest Loser”

Wed. Sept. 16
8 PM- Fox “So You Think You Can Dance”
9 PM – Fox “Glee”
9 PM – CW “The Beautiful Life: TBL”

Thurs. Sept. 17
8 PM – Fox “Bones”
9 PM – Fox “Fringe”
8 PM – NBC “Saturday Night Live Weekend Update Thursday”
8:30 PM – NBC “Parks and Recreation”
9 PM – NBC “The Office”
9:30 PM – NBC “Community”
8 PM – CBS “Survivor: Samoa” (19th installment premiere)

Fri. Sept. 18
8 PM – Fox “Brothers”
8 PM – Fox “‘Til Death”

Mon. Sept. 21
8 PM – Fox “House M.D.”
8 PM – NBC “Heroes” (Two Hours)
8 PM- ABC “Dancing with the Stars” (Two Hours)
10 PM – ABC “Castle”
8 PM – CBS “How I Met Your Mother”
8 PM – CBS”Accidentally on Purpose”
9 PM – CBS “Two and a Half Men”
9 PM – CBS “The Big Bang Theory”
10 PM – CBS “CSI: Miami”

Tues. Sept. 22
10 PM – ABC “The Forgotten”
8 PM – CBS “NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Service”
9 PM – CBS “NCIS: Los Angeles”
10 PM – CBS “The Good Wife”

Wed. Sept. 23
8 PM – NBC “Parenthood”
9 PM – NBC “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”
9 PM – ABC “Modern Family”
9:30 PM – ABC “Cougar Town”
10 PM- ABC “Eastwick”
8 PM – CBS “The New Adventures of Old Christine”
8 PM – CBS “Gary Unmarried”
9 PM – CBS “Criminal Minds”
10 PM – CBS “CSI: NY”

Thurs. Sept. 24
8 PM -ABC “Flash Forward”
9 PM – ABC “Grey’s Anatomy”
9 PM – CBS “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”
10 PM – CBS “The Mentalist”

Fri. Sept. 25
8 PM – CW “Smallville”
8 PM – NBC “Law & Order”
9 PM – NBC “Southland”
8 PM – CBS “Ghost Whisperer”
9 PM – CBS “Medium” (network debut)
10 PM – CBS “Numb3rs”
*** MOVED TO HERE *** 9 PM – Fox “Dollhouse”

Sun. Sept. 27
8 PM – Fox “The Simpsons”
8 PM – Fox “The Cleveland Show”
9 PM – Fox “Family Guy”
9 PM – Fox “American Dad”
7 PM – ABC “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” (Two Hours)
9 PM- ABC “Desperate Housewives”
10 PM – ABC “Brothers & Sisters”
7 PM – CBS “60 Minutes”
8 PM – CBS “The Amazing Race”
10 PM – CBS “Cold Case”

Mon. Sept. 28
8 PM – Fox “House M.D.”
9 PM – Fox “Lie to Me”
9 PM – NBC “Trauma”

Tues. Sept. 29
8 PM – Fox “Hell’s Kitchen”
9 PM – Fox “So You Think You Can Dance”

Wed. Sept. 30
8 PM – ABC “Hank”
8 PM – ABC “The Middle”

Sun. Oct. 4
9 PM – CBS “Three Rivers”

Thurs. Oct. 8
8 PM – NBC “Community”

Fri. Oct. 9
8 PM – ABC “Ugly Betty” (Two Hours)

Thurs. Oct. 15
9:30 PM – NBC “30 Rock”

Fri. Oct. 16
8 PM – ABC “Supernanny”

Sat. Nov. 7
11 PM – Fox “The Wanda Sykes Show”

Hopefully nothing will change too much more.  If it does, I will let you know!

So? What will you be watching this fall??


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