Rick Warren’s BIG mistake

January 21, 2009 at 12:08 pm (babbling, religion) (, , , , , )

I’m a pastors kid.  It’s who I will always be even if my dad ever leaves the pulpit, because it’s how I was raised. It has completely altered how I view “the church” and my beliefs in who God is.  Luckily my dad allowed me to seek my beliefs for myself, and also encouraged education, love and open-mindedness.  Probably a bit to do more with his Canadian up-bringing rather than him being a Pastor…but that’s neither here, nor there.

So naturally I feel bad for pastors and their families.  They live in a glass bubble, they work grueling hours, days, nights, weekends.  Often they are asked to give up holidays and time off because of marriages or untimely deaths.  Their mistakes become egg on their face instead of stepping stones to learn and grow. Everyone makes mistakes, everyone struggles, and congregations will be better off helping their pastors and their families through moments of great tribulation instead of what so often happens, of them being thrown out in the cold.

However, I have to say Rick Warren made a HUGE and stupid mistake.  I think he should NOT have opened his mouth on his opinions of gay marriage.  And here’s why:  all he did was make an audience of people (supporters of gay marriage, people who have gay marriages, and the gay and lesbian community) totally ignore, scoff and judge him at the inauguration.

His prayer was great.  I’m glad he didn’t make it more socially acceptable and less Christian.  He’s a Christian pastor, President Obama is a Christian…so why hide it in universal banter?!! It was the perfect podium for hope, peace, grace and love… and yet, a lot of people who needed to hear it weren’t listening.

Plus, a lot of Christians didn’t listen.  The bitter ones who were upset Obama won, and Rick Warren could be friends with someone who supports a woman’s right to choose.  (Or other various reasons you don’t need me to list off.)  They also needed to hear what it’s like to be unapologetic for what you believe in because it IS about love, and acceptance, forgiveness and grace. That it’s not about hate and judgment.

Obama’s campaign, book and even current agendas have given me hope for the future of America. I must say though that Heaven is also a place of hope for me.  A place where all my friends are: Chinese, Iraqi, European, African American, Spanish, straight, gay, lesbian, liars, cheaters, thieves, addicts who embrace and find God.  If it’s not, then I don’t want to go there.



  1. J-M said,

    I think Rick Warren huge and stupid for entirely different reasons, but that is neither here nor there. My thoughts on the subject of homosexuality are just that, my thoughts. I fail to understand why, as Christians, we single this out as the Great White Whale.

    When it comes to sin, that is between you and God. We are called to love, we are told not to judge, and we are hypocrites if we think otherwise. I have no right to say, THIS IS SIN for a number of reasons.

    1) I am not without sin.
    2) I am not God, not my universe, not my rules.
    3) God judges the heart. I can’t see it.

    I can only do what I am called to do

  2. mssc54 said,

    I guess the question has to be asked… Would Jesus, the Christ, have kept his mouth shut regarding any kind of sin? Certainly not. Therefore if we are called to become “Christ-like”…

    As far as judging others. If you read Holy Scripture you will clearly see that we ARE called to judge behavior. Read the Epistles.

    God Alone judges the soul.

    • keyframegirl said,

      But Jesus did not talk at all, EVER about homosexuality. So…. ?!?

  3. mssc54 said,

    Well there’s that whole Sodam and Gomorah thing. Fornication also.

    Did Jesus ever.. I mean EVER talk about rape, violance against children, sex with animals, marrying your sibling?

    So by your (flawed) logic, unless Jesus SPECIFICALLY mentions something as sin then it’s okay if you feel like it?!


    • keyframegirl said,

      I was actually just playing devil’s advocate a bit. Being raised Canadian I’m more of a peacekeeper.

      I have a more detailed scriptural analysis regarding homosexuality and the Bible that I share with friends and family. This post isn’t about that though. This is about how more people needed to really hear what Rick Warren was saying, and didn’t because of what he said leading up to it.

  4. Chriso said,

    I think the whole incident just highlights how frickin judgemental people are these days.

  5. LueyFufu said,

    Yeah, what she said.

    (Are all Canadian women as bold as you are??)

    • keyframegirl said,

      Something to think about:

      Video here

      What haunts me is the final line “I would rather be right, than offer them life.” I don’t ever want to get like that.

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