Tuesday Night TV and a 5k

September 16, 2008 at 9:08 am (babbling, Entertainment, TV) (, , , , )

My weekend was great.  I did my 2nd 5k for the year which happened to be only a mile or so from my house on the CBS Radford lot.  It was fun to run on the backlot and see where some of the magic happens.  Most of the celebrities were down at the LA Marathon, but it was a fun group of people.  My old co-worker Maggie kicked butt in her first 5k and actually did her best time ever.

Usually I’m in dark bays and they don’t let me near filming. Although my edit bay has a lovely window for the show I’m currently editing.

Since 9-11 most of the Studios have discontinued races such as this, but CBS Radford is one of the last to keep it going.  I’ve signed up for another in December:  The Just Say No to Drugs Griffith Park 5k.  I’m looking for one in October, Maggie mentioned a costumed/Halloween one I might hit.  If I can do it, you surely can…so sign up!!

Lots of TV tonight folks:  Don’t forget to watch Fringe Episode 2 tonight.

Tonight’s Premieres –
FOX: House at 8 pm
NBC: The Biggest Loser at 8 pm
ABC Family: Lincoln Heights at 8 pm
Fine Living Network: Whatever, Martha! at 9 pm

Tonight’s Finales –
ABC: Wipeout at 8 pm
CBS: Big Brother at 9 pm

Did I tell you “Deal or No Deal” has been canned?? They are finishing out filming and they have several months of it tapped in the can which will still air, but then it wil be done.

What are you all watching and enjoying so far this new TV Season??


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