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I sat down to watch JJ Abram‘s Fringe with 7 other friends last night after a wonderful martial arts training session. The commercials for this show had me excited and Fringe didn’t let me down.  It had comedy, drama, action, science fiction and a tad bit of romance.  So far it’s a perfect mix.

It stars the fairly unknown Anna Torv as Olivia Durham.  She easily looks like she could be Jennifer Garner’s sister.  She’s strong in the role and I think she has a lot of possibility.  I’m glad Joshua Jackson is back on TV again, and I look forward to seeing what develops for him with this show.  His delivery is just priceless and got all of us laughing.

The composer from Lost (Michael Giacchino) is getting a bit old from me. I hope he mixes things up a bit with this new series in the coming episodes.

Kudos to Fox for doing the limited commercial breaks, aka remote free viewing.  It actually caught our group off guard as we tried to refill drinks and ran out of time.  It’s is a nice change from a show loosing momentum because the commercial break seems a good 10 minutes long.

The Fringe premiere really was great and very fascinating. So Mr. Abrams, please just don’t have Olivia jump 2 years into the future, go to work for the other “evil corporation,” or any of the other jump the shark moments you included in Alias. Thank you!!

**Photos Courtesy Fox



  1. tubetone said,

    Just caught up on this since I missed out on the viewing party. LOVE IT! First new show I’ve been excited about in a long time. Can’t wait for the next episode. :o)

  2. TrishO said,

    I think I liked it. There’s a hole in my life where XFiles used to be, and it seems like Fringe might be trying to fill it. I hope it can. 🙂

    I liked that most of the commercial breaks were movie previews instead of boring car commercials or those stupid eSurance ads.

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