Just around the block from where I live … 90210

September 3, 2008 at 1:11 pm (babbling, Entertainment) (, , )

Well CW went and did it, they brought back 90210.  First off let me say, I hadn’t planned on watching the 2 episode, 2 hour premiere, but I was sick and nothing else was on…I was oddly curious even though I had not watched the original series religiously.

I won’t run-down the plot, as others have already done that.  Try TV Without Pity if you are curious and missed out.  And the character run-down is here.  I do have a few notes I would like to make…

1)  I realize CW you are trying to sell new artists and cds you probably have both trade out deals with or own outright, but PLEASE.  The music was thrown in there so haphazardly I’m sure drinking games will pop up soon with that as one of the triggers.  It didn’t match the mood, it cut scenes off, it was loud and distracting.  There was no blending at all.  I can’t blame the editor:  Kathleen Gibson because she has various experience in film and tv and she hasn’t made that mistake before. Ergo Producer, EP or Network Exec. STOP IT.

2)  Please feed SOME of your actresses cake, or ice cream, or anything with a high sugar/fat content….or at least cast more girls with curves.  I’m not saying you need to go the plus size route, but seriously folks – all of the girls you cast looked unhealthy.

3) The line was something to the effect of “I need to get this acting job so I can pay the rent, since my mom can’t”  was one of the best lines/representations of Los Angeles I’ve heard in awhile.  I think most people probably didn’t hear it, but I want to highlight it because too many people move here wanting quick fame and fortune.  LA is such a place of dreams fulfilled and yet, dreams lost.  It’s one of the most expensive places to live in, in all of North America and if you aren’t already pre-connected, a really hard city to find good paying work in.   I’m one of the lucky few who’s doing what I came here to do, and is it perfect – NOPE.

4) Daphne Silver is great, more of her please.  It’s nice to see not only a Jewish character, a black character, but also an Iranian.  Nice way to mix it up CW, I’m impressed although aren’t our Asian brothers and sisters left out??  And hey where’s the Canadian!! Even South Park has a Canadian.

5) TOO much story too quick, let us get to know the characters more first.  Theft, drug use, child given up for adoption, inter-racial adoption, drunk grandma, plane flight dates, the popular couple breaking up…the old cast coming back, having kids, SERIOUSLY PEOPLE – TOO MUCH.  I don’t care about ANY of the characters enough to give a hoot when/if something bad happens.  There’s no drama yet, because WE DON’T CARE.

I doubt CW or the EPs of 90210 will do any of these things, so I will not be adding it to my tivo.  I will tune in now and again if the hype gets better or they feature a band I want to hear.


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