Fox cans the 1st New Show of the 2008 Fall TV Season

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Fox’s “Do Not Disturb” is the first show to get canceled by a network.  Good bye, and hopefully it means more money for Fringe. YAY.  It’s still my favorite this season.

Grey’s Anatomy” is the first show to get deleted from my tivo.  I’m sick of the interpersonal and relationship drama. The plot just keeps going in circles.  I just don’t care anymore.

I’ve heard Knight Rider, Worst Week, Gary Unmarried and Opportunity Knocks were unimpressive, so I’m glad I didn’t waste my time.  Did any of you watch these and have thoughts?? I say they are ripe for canceling!!

I haven’t watched anymore of 90210 because of my previously stated issues with the show.  And I’m giving Bones and Heroes just 1 or 2 more chances and then I will be done with them too.

Heroes was better than Season 2, but still not as good as Season 1.  I liked the intensity of the premiere Season 3 episode and a few of the twists, but overall it missed the heart that was in Season 1.  It would also be nice if there were clear cut Heroes, since that IS the title.  And seriously they should have left Ali Larter out of the show and dead.  She’s not that great of an actress, even though I know a lot of people who have crushes on her.

The Criminal Minds premiere was good, but it looks like next week they will go back to the old stories about women being killed and victimized.  That’s where I can’t watch it anymore, it’s just a personal preference so I don’t get paranoid and start looking for serial killers everywhere.

More new shows to come in October, including Chuck in 3 days.

Photo From NBC

Photo From NBC

P.S.  Good bye WAMU and hello JP Morgan Chase.  Up Next?? Wachovia clients to panic??


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Tuesday Night TV and a 5k

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My weekend was great.  I did my 2nd 5k for the year which happened to be only a mile or so from my house on the CBS Radford lot.  It was fun to run on the backlot and see where some of the magic happens.  Most of the celebrities were down at the LA Marathon, but it was a fun group of people.  My old co-worker Maggie kicked butt in her first 5k and actually did her best time ever.

Usually I’m in dark bays and they don’t let me near filming. Although my edit bay has a lovely window for the show I’m currently editing.

Since 9-11 most of the Studios have discontinued races such as this, but CBS Radford is one of the last to keep it going.  I’ve signed up for another in December:  The Just Say No to Drugs Griffith Park 5k.  I’m looking for one in October, Maggie mentioned a costumed/Halloween one I might hit.  If I can do it, you surely can…so sign up!!

Lots of TV tonight folks:  Don’t forget to watch Fringe Episode 2 tonight.

Tonight’s Premieres –
FOX: House at 8 pm
NBC: The Biggest Loser at 8 pm
ABC Family: Lincoln Heights at 8 pm
Fine Living Network: Whatever, Martha! at 9 pm

Tonight’s Finales –
ABC: Wipeout at 8 pm
CBS: Big Brother at 9 pm

Did I tell you “Deal or No Deal” has been canned?? They are finishing out filming and they have several months of it tapped in the can which will still air, but then it wil be done.

What are you all watching and enjoying so far this new TV Season??

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I sat down to watch JJ Abram‘s Fringe with 7 other friends last night after a wonderful martial arts training session. The commercials for this show had me excited and Fringe didn’t let me down.  It had comedy, drama, action, science fiction and a tad bit of romance.  So far it’s a perfect mix.

It stars the fairly unknown Anna Torv as Olivia Durham.  She easily looks like she could be Jennifer Garner’s sister.  She’s strong in the role and I think she has a lot of possibility.  I’m glad Joshua Jackson is back on TV again, and I look forward to seeing what develops for him with this show.  His delivery is just priceless and got all of us laughing.

The composer from Lost (Michael Giacchino) is getting a bit old from me. I hope he mixes things up a bit with this new series in the coming episodes.

Kudos to Fox for doing the limited commercial breaks, aka remote free viewing.  It actually caught our group off guard as we tried to refill drinks and ran out of time.  It’s is a nice change from a show loosing momentum because the commercial break seems a good 10 minutes long.

The Fringe premiere really was great and very fascinating. So Mr. Abrams, please just don’t have Olivia jump 2 years into the future, go to work for the other “evil corporation,” or any of the other jump the shark moments you included in Alias. Thank you!!

**Photos Courtesy Fox

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Tru Blood

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I was looking forward to HBO‘s ‘True Blood‘ and SUPER excited HBO had a free weekend of viewing this past weekend so I could Tivo it.  Let me start by saying I have NOT read Charlaine Harris’s Southern Vampire Mystery books which the series is based on.  I LOVED Buffy and Angel, and I’ve given other vampire shows a chance Moonlight for instance.  And I’ve seen all the Anne Rice movie adaptations, the various Draculas, to the bad made for TV Sci Fi movies about the vampire lore, so I had to tune in…Photo courtesy HBO –

HBO‘s viral campaign and advertising campaign for this show was BRILLIANT.  It piqued my interest immediately and the commercials for Tru Blood Beverage were rather funny.  I think it built my expectations a little too high though.  I thought to myself, “If a commercial is that witty, then just think of what the show must hold….”  even if their tag line “Out of the Coffin” made me worry a tad bit.

Not being a huge fan of other HBO products/shows, is it typical for them to turn their shows into soft porn?  There seemed to be more sex than there was plot for this first episode.  And it wasn’t even sexy, or interesting.  Really I would have fought to cut it out for the most part.

I loved Anna Paquin.  She’s great, innocent, curious, and captivating.  She’s very well cast, and it’s a good role for her if they fix the other issues in the show.  If this show doesn’t last I hope that Joss Whedon sees her talent and casts her in something.

The main vampire is Bill played by Stephen Moyer, whom I also liked but some are debating about.  He was strong, sexy and mysterious which is fine so far for the character. (although also fine with me NOT knowing anything about the story the series is based on)

I also liked Lois Smith as the grandma and Sam Trammell as the bartender.  Both characters were believable and interesting.

The rest of the cast so far?? Over acting, un-believable and I was wishing there was a massacre in that town and a lot of them wiped out (hopefully not to be turned into vampires and never to be seen of again).  The gay chef, the best friend, the brother who gets carried away during sex….most of them seem to be cast for looks and that’s about it.

I liked the score, it seemed to compliment the show well.  I also liked the effect they did when Anna Paquin’s character was reading people’s minds.  It was great and plausable.

I brought up Joss Whedon early because he set the bar high with his success with Buffy and Angel.  He has a huge cult following and continued success with both series even in comic book form.  I’ve never met the man, nor am I one of his cult fans yet I believe his success wasn’t just because of his talent, but because he surrounds himself with other VERY talented people.  Experienced writers such as Jane Espenson who has drama, sci fi, fantasy experience. Tim Minear who’s experienced in drama, horror, action.  Others with backgrounds in comic books, fantasy, embracing comedy to break up the heavy subject matters…. all of which this series is lacking.  Buffy had issues that weren’t so over the top you could relate to them on some level.  And when a vampire’s fangs came out they didn’t make an annoying sword ching sound.  SERIOUSLY HBO?? UGH, that was the worst, and I would have only accepted it if you had made this whole show a comedy, which it obviously was not.

Overall I’m not totally convinced HBO can fix this show.  They need more plot, a quicker editing pace, comedy, to kill off a LOT of the cast, more action, more depth… basically hire Joss etc. to fix it already HBO!!

PS Don’t forget to watch/Tivo Fringe tonight on Fox at 8pm so we can all talk about it tomorrow. And for the Gossip Girl fan’s CW has Privileged at 9pm.

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Something New and Something Old

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The “something new” for Sam and I was watching Fox’s Bones starring David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel.  It’s the fourth season of this show, and has a strong fan base so we decided to check it out again.  No Spoilers, so if you want to add it or watch it on the Fox website nothing will be ruined.

I tried liking this show when it first started, but it wasn’t catchy enough for me.  My interest waned quickly.

This season started off strong.  The first hour of the season premiere was catchy and funny.  The cast all has great chemistry and the premise was interesting.  The second hour diverged for me, it became predictable and cheesy.  A relationship broke up with the worst logic and conversation ever, but really not bad enough not to add to tivo.  So Sam and I are adding it and will see what happens.  I really hope the characters Bones and Booth don’t ever hook up, but we will see.  Again, it would just been to predictable.

The something old was America’s Next Top Model Season 11 on the CW and it was just same old, same old. The models are back in Los Angeles, the Jays are back, Tyra is over acting as always and it seems like an alright cast.  There’s a trans-gender he/she who has yet to have the operation and of course that’s adding drama.  They were trying to encourage voting in the photo shoot and the annoying girl with the big fake smile who kept saying “I’m American’s Next Top Model” went home. My personal favorites are Sheena, Clark and Analeigh…but who knows what will happen or what they will look like once the make overs are done.  Anyone can have a good or bad week and go home on this show.  I don’t think it will be a weekly watch for me, just a casual Sam’s not home and nothing else is on watch.

Also for those of you who are interested ABC now has starter videos so you too can catch up on series that have a few seasons under their belt, but you are curious about.  Go here to catch up on Dirty, Sexy, Money, Brothers & Sisters, Eli Stone, Samantha Who? etc.

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Just around the block from where I live … 90210

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Well CW went and did it, they brought back 90210.  First off let me say, I hadn’t planned on watching the 2 episode, 2 hour premiere, but I was sick and nothing else was on…I was oddly curious even though I had not watched the original series religiously.

I won’t run-down the plot, as others have already done that.  Try TV Without Pity if you are curious and missed out.  And the character run-down is here.  I do have a few notes I would like to make…

1)  I realize CW you are trying to sell new artists and cds you probably have both trade out deals with or own outright, but PLEASE.  The music was thrown in there so haphazardly I’m sure drinking games will pop up soon with that as one of the triggers.  It didn’t match the mood, it cut scenes off, it was loud and distracting.  There was no blending at all.  I can’t blame the editor:  Kathleen Gibson because she has various experience in film and tv and she hasn’t made that mistake before. Ergo Producer, EP or Network Exec. STOP IT.

2)  Please feed SOME of your actresses cake, or ice cream, or anything with a high sugar/fat content….or at least cast more girls with curves.  I’m not saying you need to go the plus size route, but seriously folks – all of the girls you cast looked unhealthy.

3) The line was something to the effect of “I need to get this acting job so I can pay the rent, since my mom can’t”  was one of the best lines/representations of Los Angeles I’ve heard in awhile.  I think most people probably didn’t hear it, but I want to highlight it because too many people move here wanting quick fame and fortune.  LA is such a place of dreams fulfilled and yet, dreams lost.  It’s one of the most expensive places to live in, in all of North America and if you aren’t already pre-connected, a really hard city to find good paying work in.   I’m one of the lucky few who’s doing what I came here to do, and is it perfect – NOPE.

4) Daphne Silver is great, more of her please.  It’s nice to see not only a Jewish character, a black character, but also an Iranian.  Nice way to mix it up CW, I’m impressed although aren’t our Asian brothers and sisters left out??  And hey where’s the Canadian!! Even South Park has a Canadian.

5) TOO much story too quick, let us get to know the characters more first.  Theft, drug use, child given up for adoption, inter-racial adoption, drunk grandma, plane flight dates, the popular couple breaking up…the old cast coming back, having kids, SERIOUSLY PEOPLE – TOO MUCH.  I don’t care about ANY of the characters enough to give a hoot when/if something bad happens.  There’s no drama yet, because WE DON’T CARE.

I doubt CW or the EPs of 90210 will do any of these things, so I will not be adding it to my tivo.  I will tune in now and again if the hype gets better or they feature a band I want to hear.

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