1 more tv show deleted from tivo and why you should go see Iron Man

May 3, 2008 at 12:43 am (babbling, Entertainment, movies, TV) (, , , , , )

So the show I deleted from my tivo:

Ugly Betty.

Yep it’s gone.  I don’t want to see Betty pine over a jerk who knocked up another woman and is still letting this other woman control and manipulate him.  It’s become TOO much of a soap opera and the only two characters I care about are supporting cast and minor players.  It’s who’s in love with who, and framing who… possibly killing.  Nope, I don’t like it anymore.  It used to make me smile and happy.  The innocence and subtle humor is gone and so it is gone from my tivo.  Good bye old friend.

I think this decision is spurred from an on-going discussion inside myself.  Sam described it best with a baseball metaphor.  When the baseball strike happened, he found other things to do and lost interest in the MLB.  Well the writer’s guild strike came, television disappeared for awhile, we picked up new hobbies and now it’s just not that good old thing we remember.  Canceling Jericho and the impending finale of Battlestar also don’t help the matter.  I want depth, I want social commentary, I don’t want fluff or extra drama.  Life has enough of it’s own drama built in.

Alright on to lighter subject matter:  Iron Man.

Boy did this movie ROCK my socks off.  Robert Downey Jr. was fantastic.  His range of emotion (although rare in a superhero movie) was great.  He was subtle and yet commanded attention.  Time and time again Downey shows his talent.  I hope that he’s found peace in his life from his struggles and addiction because I want to see him in more movies.  GET WORKING ROBERT!! 🙂 Please.

The directing (other than the bad cameo) was also superb.  Jon Favreau truly had a fantastic vision for the Iron Man movies and made it come to life on the screen in a friendly way both to comic book fans and just the normal movie goer alike.

Even Gwyneth Paltrow was believable.  I totally bought her in the role of Pepper Potts.  I admit being skeptical to her casting as typically she’s just cute and fluffly with little depth.  I know, I know it’s a personal opinion, so please don’t be upset.

The CGI was fun and not overly done.  The robot costumes built by Stan Winston’s Workshop were remarkable.  (and yes I’m still floating from visiting their uber secret location and seeing the 1st Iron Man suit in person.)  The score was both fun (AC/DC) and creative (industrial pieces even).

It was great.  Favreau has set the bar high for the summer movies. I feel like Indiana Jones might beat it in box office $$, but really I don’t think any of the ones on the list will beat it quality wise.  SO GO SEE IT!!


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