The Return of Television

April 29, 2008 at 11:16 pm (Entertainment, movies, TV)

Well scripted television shows are slowly returning as we quickly approach May sweeps.  It’s the time of year networks show their best episodes, of their best shows and the ratings count the most towards advertiser dollars and renewal contracts for the fall.

My first episode of Overhaulin’ premiered last week. Fans were overall positive about the new show, saying they liked the new format and felt it was more like a car show.  TLC hasn’t been advertising it much though, and has hidden their website for it so I’m fairly certain it’s done for – but that’s NEVER written in stone and just me guessing.  It was a fun show to work on although I’m sad I never got to meet Chip Foose.  

Being an editor you see so much footage of the people on the show you feel like you know them – although you don’t and they have NO idea who you are for the most part.

I’m still working on Bridezilla’s Season 5.  We are about 1/2 way thru our episodes and will premiere in June.  The staff has changed a bit and overall I like everyone I’m working with.  

What am I watching now??  Grey’s Anatomy, Ugly Betty, Hell’s Kitchen, of course Battlestar Galatica, and House.  I will be watching Heroes and I do catch Lost online.

Summer movies??

I bought tickets early for Sam and I to see both Iron Man and the new Indiana Jones movie opening weekends at the Arclight Hollywood.  If any of you live in Los Angeles and haven’t been to the Arclight theatre, it’s the best.  From reserved seating, to no lines, optimal sound and audio, and your feet not sticking to the floors it’s Sam and my favorite theatre.  Sam’s resistant to us going to the theatre at all, wanting to save for a huge HD TV, but there are just some movies you HAVE to see opening weekend.

Other ones I want to go see:  Get Smart, Wall-E, Wanted, Dark Knight, Hell Boy 2, X-Files, and maybe Tropic Thunder.  Some I will rent, but that’s WAY more movies than last summer.  Last summer was disappointing.

What are you watching right now? And what summer movies are you looking forward to??


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