Smashing 30

January 17, 2008 at 4:17 pm (babbling, Entertainment, TV) (, , , , )

I’m now 30 and I can say out of all the birthdays this one feels normal, the same and exciting all at the same time.  See as an editor I’ve interviewed for many shows.  4 years ago I had a couple GREAT interviews for scripted shows and you know what they told me, “Sweetie come back in a couple more years when you aren’t so young.”  I started working in TV when I was 13 in local television getting as much experience as I could in everything I could get my hands on.  So I’ve been doing this awhile, but 30 is that number I think in which people can’t say you are “too young.” And thus it’s exciting.

I had a wonderful birthday with lots of friends and fabulous food (still waiting on photos from Jillian). Thirty people showed up and stayed until 1:30 in the morning.

The Toronto Maple Leafs came to town.  I had the best seats I’ve ever had.  3 rows from the penalty box.  It was super fun even though the Leafs played miserably!!

SO…new tv for the year.  First off “The Amazing Race” is wrapping up this Sunday.  All three of the last 3 teams are alright and I wouldn’t mind if they won.  The underdogs are Nicolas and Donald although I think the more likely winners are Ronald and Christina or TK and Rachel.  It’s been an alright season, but hasn’t lived up to the wonderful premiere.

The Sarah Conner Chronicles (aka new Terminator TV show) premiered on FOX this past week with smashing ratings.  It’s a fun action tv show, that has good chases, interesting plot lines and good casting.  The production value and CGI is good, although I imagine it’s budget is INSANELY high.  I like it and hope it lasts.

I hope you are all having a good 2008 so far!!


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  1. Larissa said,

    We had such a fun time at your party. And the food…! I am dying to try remaking those grilled cheese sandwiches.

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