Goodbye busy 2007, Hello quiet 2008

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I’m not one for looking backwards. I’ve always been a delayed gratification girl who’s goals are all ahead. I see the past and who it’s made me and I’m happy. I have no real regrets because each has made me who I am today and while I know I’m not perfect, I’m content with who I am and look forward to who I’m becoming.
So why am I writing about 2007?? We’ll it’s been a big year, lots of ups and downs and I think it will be good to have the key events highlighted for prosperity’s sake.

January brought with it my 29th birthday. I took a group of friends to the Magic Castle for some food and fun!! It’s an invite only location in Los Angeles, and a fun date. It has a dress code and secret things only insiders can know. I think it was my best birthday to date. At the end of January we caught the housing bug and started our search for a house. We bought within a week or so of our search and signed the escrow papers in February. We had a fantastic real estate agent and if you are in need of one, please ask me for his information. He really made the whole thing so much easier than most of the things we had heard.

So then February brought wrapping up editing Trading Spouses for Fox and moving into a new home. 2 bedroom, 2 and 1/2 bathroom town home isn’t a shabby way to start home ownership in the Los Angeles Area. It was quite the adventure and I think we made the whole process look easier than it actually was.

March brought the birth of our friend’s first baby: Ruby. She’s a cutie and we can’t wait to see the person she will become! I edited Driving Force for A&E during this time frame.


April was a slower month. I went to Disneyland with a friend. Then Sam and I went to the premiere of “Hot Fuzz” with a crew Q&A afterwards.

For May, Sam was away on a movie, so I decided to take a trip up to Toronto. My parents had started talking about moving down to the US and I wanted to catch up with old friends before I would no longer have a place to stay. I also took my parents to a Blue Jays game where I got hit in the face with a baseball. That’s another story though!!

June became very action-packed when my appendix decided it didn’t want to be in my body anymore. They thought it was my ovary, so I’m still thankful that it was only my appendix. It meant that I missed the Police concert I had bought tickets for, but it was necessary down time. My first adventure out after the surgery was to see Lucha Wrestling. Eric and Sam protected me from the flying midgets and wrestlers.

July was back to work with me, a few dinners, poker nights and we rounded out the summer fairly mellow while still recovering!

August we took a spontaneous trip to Las Vegas to meet with friend’s of my parents during the Star Trek Convention. I also started working on Overhaulin’ for TLC. We also toured Stan Winston’s Creature shop seeing dinosaurs from Jurrasic Park, the costume/robot outer wear for the new “Iron Man” movie and more. I could live there it was so fantastic!!

September started a new hobby of Sam and mine thanks to our friend Eric – bowling. We were asked to join “LA Amuse Buche” Foodies Group. We quickly became addicted to both bowling and to the wonderful food hiding around Los Angeles. I also became an aunt. My brother and his wife gave birth to a baby girl, Isabella.


In October Sam and I hosted our first Canadian Thanksgiving dinner with a few friends. I had 2 days of Jury Duty where I almost got selected for a murder trial.

November was mellow, the Award Nomination movie screenings started. We did our usual Thanksgiving at Matt & Dan’s place this year with 21 attendees. More bowling was on hand, and another Foodies outing.

And now we are here to December, I wrapped up editing/Story Producing for Overhaulin’ and started editing for Intervention which airs on A&E. Sam and I took a road trip to Grand Junction, Colorado to see my parents new house and visit with my brother, his wife and their baby. We had a great visit and were excited to be able to spend Christmas with the whole family.


Now I sit here and wonder what 2008 has in store. I know that I’m throwing myself a 30th birthday party as well as going to see the Leafs vs. the Kings the night after my birthday. I will continue editing on Intervention. Sam will spend the first month away working on an independent low budget feature film.

But that’s it. That’s all I know. I hope it’s full of friends and new adventures. More road trips with Sam. This is the first year in awhile I haven’t had specific goals for the year and I’m not sure what that means. I think it will be a quiet year full of hard work, lots of saving and a little more calm than 2007.


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