A Great Start Amazing Race Season 12

November 6, 2007 at 10:47 am (babbling, Entertainment, TV) (, , , , )

I watch CBS’s Amazing Race because it’s fluff.  I get to see parts of the world I would not typically look at, and I get to see people at their best and worst moments.  It makes me feel happy that I’m not dumb enough to go on a reality tv show.   Most of all, it’s great escapism.

This season started off to a GREAT start.  Their cast has not done them wrong.  They have great sounds up and awesome moments to jam pack the Season premiere.

The events for this episode included a bike ride over a ravine, and then a donkey challenge.  The donkey challenge was the BEST.  It cracked me up. People screaming at the donkeys and crying cut to the donkey snorting/crying back.  People pushing, punching, strangling their donkeys to no avail.

Good comedy quotes included from the father/daughter team of Ronald and Christina, “Donkey’s have souls too.”  From Ari and Staella: “Karma’s a b-tch, but I’m a bigger one” and to another donkey “If you make me loose this, I’m going to cut you up and eat you.”

Brother/Sister team Azaria & Hendekea came in first for the leg, followed by  the Goths or Freaks Kynt & Vyxsin.  Like I said before, how could you not be freaky with names like those?!?!  They had my favorite moment of the show which was running towards the camera.  It could not have been more comical.

And the eliminated team???  Ari and Staella which was one of the teams I nominated for most boring.  Now while they were anything but boring, their frustration and stupidity obviously got them knocked out of the race.

My favorite team is TK & Rachel.  They are solid and nice to each other (so far).  They seem to make a great couple and team.


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