The TRULY Amazing Race Season 12

October 24, 2007 at 11:18 am (babbling, Entertainment, TV) (, , , , , , )

Just when I thought that CBS’ Amazing Race couldn’t throw us any new curve balls they release the cast for the new season.  Because I worked on the show last year, I still have friends there.  I like this show still and haven’t found out news because I like being surprised.  Typically me and a friend Leigh email back and forth our favorite moments of the week too.

This year –  OH BOY is the casting INSANE!! I think it will make for great tv.

First we have Kynt and Vyxsin.  They are a goth couple and their biggest challenge will be doing their makeup I’m sure.  They are hard to look at.  I’m sure they were tortured because of their names.  What were their parents thinking?? And if those aren’t their born names, it’s obviously a reflection of their colorful personalities.  They should make for good tv if we aren’t sweeping Kynt off of the floor.  Vyxsin is defiantly the one wearing the pants in this relationship.

Next we have Blonds vs. Brunettes.  Shana & Jennifer representing the blonds and  Marianna & Julia representing the brunettes.  Is this a beer commercial or a hair commercial waiting to happen?? And if jello is in one of the challenges I SWEAR I will delete this show SOOO quick from my tivo, they won’t know what hit them.

Then we have the dating couples  Jennifer & Nathan vs.  Lorena & Jason vs. Rachel & TK.  They look fairly boring to me.  Of course with couples you never know who will work well together and who will explode into a fiery mess of emotions so they might be worth it.  Sadly the cover to these three books says they will be as dull as they look, but the casting gets even better with the next couple.

Kat & Pat represent the gay couple for this year. There’s always one and the twist with these two:  they are ordained ministers.  So not only are they representing for the homosexual community, but for God too.  Interesting.  This should have ALL fly over States up in arms.   I’m not sure if their age will be their downfall, but they will be worth watching just for the buzz.

The father daughter team is Roland & Christina.  They are both extremely smart and I think probably a force to be reckoned with.  Then to mix it up a bit more we have a Grandson/Grandfather team Nicolas and Donald.  They are the first of this relation to play the Race.  They should add an interesting dynamic if Donald’s age doesn’t get in the way.

Then finally the last two boring teams BFFs Ari & Staella and then a brother/sister team of Azaria & Hendekea.  Yes their names are interesting, but they don’t look interesting.  Both teams look smart and fit, Azaria and Hendekea will probably clash a bit.  Ari & Staella say they will trash talk, but once those cameras roll – who knows?!? A lot of people get nervous, tired etc. and can’t be themselves.  I’m writing off these two to go within the first few rounds.

Overall it looks like fun and come Sunday night November 4th you all know what I will be doing, watching Amazing Race.


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