Friday update

October 12, 2007 at 9:19 am (babbling, Entertainment, TV) (, )

Sorry I’ve been so radio silent all week.  It has been a fairly peaceful week overall.   Sam & my first Thanksgiving dinner went off well.  We were very happy with the way the food turned out.  I have this need to make too much food (that I get from my mother) so I keep thinking of more things I could make next year.  haha.  It was also nice to have friends there to help us celebrate.

Tuesday night I had a girl friend over to help eat the left overs.  Thanksgiving left overs is one of her favorites, so it worked out perfect.  We then watched the movie “Catch & Release.”  We both thought it was a so-so movie.  Cute in parts, but mainly we were annoyed that the lead female picks the sleazy guy instead of the nice guy.  Both of us married the nice guy.  As well we didn’t like Kevin Smith in the movie.  While he’s a talented director, he was the WORST actor in this movie.

Last night Sam and I were bowling in our friend’s league as alternatives for friends of ours.  They happen to be in Vegas, hopefully winning money! Sam and I did really well I think.  I beat my average on all 3 games, and  Sam ROCKED.  He was WAY more consistent!!!

Tonight’s Premieres –
ABC: Women’s Murder Club at 9p and Men in Trees at 10p (Note: 20/20 moves to its new time period at 8p)
Lifetime: Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead at 9p and America’s Psychic Challenge at 10p and Blood Ties at 11p

Saturday’s Premieres –
Fox Reality: The Search for the Next Elvira at 1 pm
Ovation TV: Destination Arthouse at 9 pm

Sunday’s Premieres –
Food Network: The Gourmet Next Door at 1 pm
WE tv: Girl Meets Cowboy at 10 pm
E!: Keeping Up with the Kardashians at 1030 pm

Sunday’s Finales –
WE tv: Bridezillas at 9 pm


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