Premiere Week 3 – Monday, October 1st – WARNING SPOILERS

October 1, 2007 at 10:35 am (babbling, Entertainment, TV) (, , , , , , )

Let’s start with the BEST news yet:  yes tv viewers, the “man” has heard our cry and Nelson’s TV Ratings is adjusting the method in which they calculate viewer ship.  As documented in the LA Times, Nelson will add DVR viewings of a show up to 3 days after the show aired.  This is a HUGE step now hopefully the networks will start paying attention to those numbers instead of just the overnight numbers.

Shows I caught up on this weekend…

Criminal Minds – IT SUCKED.  I’m very angry at it and will NOT watch it again.  Very rarely does TV get this kind of reaction from me and yet the writer’s did it.  They took the easy way out and that way out was TOTALLY un-probable.   Spoiler:  They took one of the lead characters, an adult with an established job and had him commit suicide.  And adult in leadership, and in a position of saving people/making their jobs easier.  An adult who works with profilers and yet no one realized something was wrong with him??? COME ON WRITERS – WTF.  This was the most un-believable tv moment for me ever.

Next I watched Ugly Betty in attempts to clear up my anger at Criminal Minds.  It was cute, although not amazing.  I love how Betty is the reluctant hero.  How she has absolutely NO fashion sense and yet works at a fashion magazine.  How she sincerely cares about her friends, family and co-workers so fiercely that even a few who hate her have grown secretly to appreciate her.  And then the pretty girl getting fat – laughs, priceless.  Overall an interesting start and I will keep watching.

Hrm what else…oh yes, Bionic Woman.  Interesting concept.  So-so casting.  Some great CGI and some horrible CGI.  I really hated the CGI for running fast or jumping over buildings.  I’ve heard it was a 90 minute pilot with more character development.  I wish I could have seen that one.  There were a few cameos and roles played by Battlestar Galatica actors ie. Katee Sackhoff and Aaron Douglas.

And last but not least:  Dirty, Sexy, Money.  I wasn’t expecting to like this show other than the cast and even then I wasn’t expecting the cast to be a very good ensemble.  I must say however, this was FANTASTIC:  it was sleazy yet there was a moral center, the writing was hilarious, the acting was great.   I will continue watching to see where this show goes.

Tonight’s Premieres –
TWC: Epic Conditions at 7p and Weatherventures at 730p
The CW: Everybody Hates Chris at 8p, Aliens in America at 830p, Girlfriends at 9p and The Game at 930p
MYNET: Celebrity Expose at 8p and Control Room Presents at 9p
BBC America: World News America at 7p, Top Gear at 8p and World News Today at 10p
VH1: Bridging the Gap at 11p
USA: Dr. Steve-O at 1105p

Chuck, Heroes and Journeyman on NBC is where I will be tonight!!

I haven’t just been watching tv:   Sam & I visited a friend who really needed it, had dinner with old work-friend’s whom we’ve missed, church, bowling, babysat a 6 and 1/2 month old and even ran some errands in there.  Friday the clarity of me in the now clicked into place.  Sam & I had lunch with Jett at Poquito Mas which is right across the street from my work and on the busy street of Olive.  As I was walking back to work I looked to cross the street and there was not one car in either direction other than parked cars.  Olive is a crazy busy street where typically there are cars stopped at the light at Buena Vista or at the light where Olive crosses Alameda and yet there was not one car.  I walked out into the middle of the street and looked both ways again – there was still no cars.  I continue crossing the street as the realization that I was exactly where I needed to be in life and I felt a great peace sweep over me like an ocean breeze.  I felt like this serendipitous event was manufactured just for me, exactly what I needed to see and experience to set my over thinking mind at ease.


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