WOOT!!! 1069 Views!!

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Well I think I’ve made it as a blog, 1069 views in 3 months.  So thank you all for reading!!!!

I am happy to report ABC’s Dirty, Sexy, Money got a go ahead for more scripts.  Although I’m not so happy CW’s Reaper also got the call for more scripts.  Dirty, Sexy, Money led its time period this past Wednesday night at 10 pm and delivered a 3.2/8 in the A18-49 demo and 8.6 million viewers.

Now don’t get TOO excited boys and girls, with the impending Writer’s Strike networks may be ordering more scripts than they would normally, and not canceling this early in the game to try and store up scripts for whenever the Writer’s decide to walk.  The writer’s voted 90 % in favor of walking out so it will happen eventually and it will be ugly.  The last time it happened people lots houses.

Last night one of my guilty pleasure shows was on ABC, “Ugly Betty.”  I realize Sam hates this show, and yet it makes me smile. This week it was the introduction of a new character I LOVE, a gay photographer.  And he’s playing Mark’s new love interest!! He’s the every wonderful:  Cliff played by David Blue.  He’s personable, caring, funny and SOOO cute.  You just want to hug him!!  Every scene he was in, he made me smile ear to ear.  This character is delightful and very well written.  All I kept saying to Sam was, now how do I find a friend like that!?!  I hope he becomes a regular character!!


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More Television Pickups

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Back to You from Fox has given a full season pick up.  It’s the Kelsey Grammer/Patricia Heaton comedy and it gets an order for the back 11 episodes, a total of 24.  Back to You has averaged a 2.6/8 A18-49 ratings since its debut.

Over at ABC, Pushing Daisies has received an order for its back nine to bring it to a full 22 episode season.  The network has also ordered six more scripts of Samantha Who? starring Christina Applegate.  As for Carpoolers, ABC ordered 3 more scripts.  Although they obviously haven’t seen the light and canceled Cavemen yet.

Tonight’s Premieres –
NBC: Scrubs at 931 pm
MTV: Run’s House at 10 pm and Making Menudo at 1030 pm

As most of you know California has been experiencing terrible forest fires.  Luckily my husband and I have not been affected (other than air quality) by these fires.  We are very thankful, and our hearts go out to those who have suffered during this time.

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The TRULY Amazing Race Season 12

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Just when I thought that CBS’ Amazing Race couldn’t throw us any new curve balls they release the cast for the new season.  Because I worked on the show last year, I still have friends there.  I like this show still and haven’t found out news because I like being surprised.  Typically me and a friend Leigh email back and forth our favorite moments of the week too.

This year –  OH BOY is the casting INSANE!! I think it will make for great tv.

First we have Kynt and Vyxsin.  They are a goth couple and their biggest challenge will be doing their makeup I’m sure.  They are hard to look at.  I’m sure they were tortured because of their names.  What were their parents thinking?? And if those aren’t their born names, it’s obviously a reflection of their colorful personalities.  They should make for good tv if we aren’t sweeping Kynt off of the floor.  Vyxsin is defiantly the one wearing the pants in this relationship.

Next we have Blonds vs. Brunettes.  Shana & Jennifer representing the blonds and  Marianna & Julia representing the brunettes.  Is this a beer commercial or a hair commercial waiting to happen?? And if jello is in one of the challenges I SWEAR I will delete this show SOOO quick from my tivo, they won’t know what hit them.

Then we have the dating couples  Jennifer & Nathan vs.  Lorena & Jason vs. Rachel & TK.  They look fairly boring to me.  Of course with couples you never know who will work well together and who will explode into a fiery mess of emotions so they might be worth it.  Sadly the cover to these three books says they will be as dull as they look, but the casting gets even better with the next couple.

Kat & Pat represent the gay couple for this year. There’s always one and the twist with these two:  they are ordained ministers.  So not only are they representing for the homosexual community, but for God too.  Interesting.  This should have ALL fly over States up in arms.   I’m not sure if their age will be their downfall, but they will be worth watching just for the buzz.

The father daughter team is Roland & Christina.  They are both extremely smart and I think probably a force to be reckoned with.  Then to mix it up a bit more we have a Grandson/Grandfather team Nicolas and Donald.  They are the first of this relation to play the Race.  They should add an interesting dynamic if Donald’s age doesn’t get in the way.

Then finally the last two boring teams BFFs Ari & Staella and then a brother/sister team of Azaria & Hendekea.  Yes their names are interesting, but they don’t look interesting.  Both teams look smart and fit, Azaria and Hendekea will probably clash a bit.  Ari & Staella say they will trash talk, but once those cameras roll – who knows?!? A lot of people get nervous, tired etc. and can’t be themselves.  I’m writing off these two to go within the first few rounds.

Overall it looks like fun and come Sunday night November 4th you all know what I will be doing, watching Amazing Race.

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Another TV Cancelation

October 23, 2007 at 9:27 am (babbling, Entertainment, TV) (, , , )

CBS canceled the casino drama Viva Laughlin after it aired just twice. This was the one where the actors sang and sometimes danced to hit songs to advance the story plot. I watched a few minutes of this and changed the channel. It was annoying. If I want to listen to singers I would turn on the radio or fire up iTunes. AND they weren’t very good.

Replacing it in the Sunday 8p time slot will be The Amazing Race starting November 4. Viva Laughlin had a rating of 1.2/3 among A18-49 this past Sunday. “CBS is considering what to do with the remaining episodes of Viva and may stream them or put them on a cable network.” From today’s Cynopsis.

CBS has gone completely insane and has ordered up four more scripts of Moonlight, it’s Friday night drama from Warner Bros. TV. You know, the crappy vampire show.  They need to go ahead and cancel this so that Jericho can come back already.

Tonight’s Premieres –
BET: College Hill: Interns at 10 pm
Tonight’s Finales –
FX: Damages at 10 pm
Oxygen: Tori & Dean: Inn Love at 10 pm
Wednesday’s Premieres –
NBC: Phenomenon at 8 pm (with Criss Angel)

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Friday, October 19th

October 19, 2007 at 9:04 am (babbling, Entertainment, TV) (, , )

“CBS has given full season orders to freshman show The Big Bang Theory and veteran series The Unit. Over on ABC, Private Practice has also rec’d the nod for a full season, averaging a 4.7 A18-49 rating season-to-date.”  Taken from today’s Cynopsis.
Tonight’s Premieres –
FOX: The Next Great American Band at 8 pm (from the people who bring you American Idol)
DIY: Celebrity Rides: Burt Builds a Bandit at 10pm

Where will I be this weekend?? I need to catch up on all the tv I missed this week, but alas no time.  I also need to work so that I don’t loose pay for those 2 pain in my butt Jury Duty days I had to do.

Last night I bowled awesome 140, 149, 135 and then a game throwing hook (which I’m not good at nor have a ball for) 90.  It was fun!! Then Sam and I went home and played X-box until WAY too late.  Yes folks, I gave in and bought an X-Box 360.  I couldn’t resist.

Tonight is dinner with friends.  Take care everyone and have a lovely and relaxing weekend!!!

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So…where have I been??

October 18, 2007 at 11:51 am (babbling, Entertainment, Jury Duty, TV) (, )

I’m surprised no one has asked where I’ve been?? Recovering from the LA Magazine Food Flop??? Nope, jury duty.

Tuesday AM I had to report to jury duty and Tuesday after lunch I was assigned to a room who was casting a jury for a murder trial. Talk about CRAZY. The rest of the afternoon was interviewing potential jurors.

I can tell you the defendant is slippery. He’s a showman and has a plan. The prosecution is a take charge woman. She’s highly educated, very smart and hates loosing. Although she doesn’t know how to talk to the common man. She’s convoluted and she probably needs to take a class in profiling – although she was coughing lots, so perhaps she’s just fighting an illness and feels like she can’t take a day off. I know when I’m sick, I’m off my game so perhaps this was her problem.  It sounds like this case is a love triangle.  A man shoot another man in 2005.  The defense is going with the self defense plea and the prosecution is trying to prove that it was plain old murder.

The most hilarious part was that they found two potential jurors (both women) who actually believe everything they see on CSI is real. I couldn’t believe it. One woman even argued with the prosecution saying she KNEW that these shows had researchers and thus used real cases, and techniques of processing evidence. I wanted to take that woman aside and explain how tv works, how even in reality tv things aren’t necessarily 100 % real.

Ok day 2 I had to report back. At this point I was stressed, sweating it and several thoughts raced through my head.

Thought #1 – only a rare few want to do jury duty and I am not one of those few. I don’t want to sit and judge someone. I don’t want to hold their life in my hands.
Thought #2 – the court no longer accepts financial hardships unless it’s an EXTREME circumstance as a reason to be dismissed. They want a larger cross section of people from all income levels. But the courts in LA pay crap. $15 a day is a joke. I’m the primarily income in my house and I kept tallying how much money I would loose being on a 10+ day case. INSANE!! I felt extremely sorry for a woman who ended up being a juror who’s husband is in rehab, has an 18 month old child and is a hair dresser. She’s pretty much a single mom right now and screwed. My heart broke for her.
Thought #3 – I’m a skeptic. The first thing I thought was wow look at how the defense dressed up the little gang banger to try and make him look more respectable for court. It wasn’t right of me to think that, especially when someone is guilty until proven innocent. It disturbs me that’s where I went. But I did, I went there in my head and I’m ashamed.
Thought #4 – People who have been in this country for 5+ years and are citizens should NOT be able to get out of jury duty because their English isn’t very good. To become a citizen you should SPEAK AND READ ENGLISH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Seriously, how do you function if you don’t?? I’m KNOW a few were lying.  Heck one woman works at City of Hope (Cancer hospital) was talking about loving ER and Amazing Race in the hallways in perfect English and then to be kicked out says she doesn’t understand what the lawyers are saying.  I realize English is a difficult language to learn, but PLEASE.  There were people saying they’ve been in the US for 15-20 years and have been citizens for 10+ years and yet don’t understand?!?!? Or can’t read the little question sheet??? PLEASE. /rolls her eyes at all of them/  You are under oath people, so don’t lie.  And if you want to be a part of American culture – LEARN ENGLISH.  /gets off soap box/

I’m sure there are other thoughts I’m missing.  I was in the last 10 people being interviewed for an alternative position at the VERY end of the day and then was dismissed. It was nerve wrecking, I wasn’t sleeping well, chewed off all my cuticles, and was seriously stressed.  I’m thankful that I was not chosen for this case.

On to TV news: CW officially cancels the first freshman show Online Nation. As well as CW was the first to renew a Freshman series for a 2nd season, Gossip Girl.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles has been given a premiere date – Monday, January 14 at 8 pm on Fox, leading into the season premiere of 24.

Tonight’s Premieres –
CBS: Viva Laughlin at 10 pm

Tonight’s Finales –
AMC: Mad Men at 10 pm
MTV: Celebrity Rap Superstar at 10 pm

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L.A. Magazine’s Food Flop

October 15, 2007 at 10:50 am (babbling, Entertainment, Food, TV) (, , )

Happy Monday all. I hope you are enjoying the sprinkling of rain here in Los Angeles. And if you aren’t in Los Angeles, I hope you are enjoying your fall weather too!!

Sunday was the big event of the weekend – Los Angeles Magazine’s Home Grown: Food Event! I am a Foodie. I LOVE food, I love eating out and experience new flavors and combinations. I have been looking forward to this even for weeks. And yet I was majorly disappointed. Disorganization started from the time you got in line, I think this fund raising event suffered from lack of production. You started in a homemade line, with 2 foot of ropes (not nearly enough) that went out into the parking lot for Will Call. They knew the numbers of people who were doing pick up, why didn’t they make more lines? And have more tables for check in?? Common sense people!!! We showed up a half hour early and the line was already back to where you pay for parking. They didn’t start letting people even check in until 15 minutes late. The radio station that was there to “DJ” had speakers RIGHT by the presentation room meaning you couldn’t hear at all. I am a loyal reader of Los Angeles Magazine. I have been since the time of it’s inception. Although this being my first event hosted by them, I was sadly disheartened.

The demonstrations weren’t produced well either. The video camera for the monitoring the chef’s preparations was pointed in the wrong area. The microphones weren’t working, other than to be over-modulated and ruin our ear drums with feedback. The host was the WORST (Jack Hanover), talking about how he hates an ingredient, hogging tastes and samples for himself instead of letting more people in the audience taste it, making lame jokes and talking over the chefs. These were 5 star chefs – LET THEM TALK. I’m sure he’s a nice guy and he is good looking, but he was not well suited for this event. Demonstrations were provided by: Michael Ciramusti from Providence, Betty (who has Grub restaurant) and CJ both from Top Chef, the hailed rock & roll chef Kerry Simon from Simon LA, Josie from Josie’s Restaurant in Santa Monica and more.

The positive note about the event were the restaurants: the food was GREAT! They had samples from The Palms, Father’s Office, Simon LA, La Crema Wine, LA Mill (new coffee shop going into Silverlake), Josie, NineThirty and more. I think we are going to go check out NineThirty which has a new chef in the W hotel. They had our favorite samples for the event.

Proceeds went to LA Mission, which was nice. Although then I felt bad that we were eating all that great food that people at the mission would never get to try.

Well LA Magazine I know this isn’t the first year you’ve done this event, but needless to say: unless I hear that you’ve ironed out all the kinks I think this will be an event I pass on next year.
Today’s Premiere –
CBS: The Price is Right with Drew Carey hosting at 11 am

Tonight’s Premieres –
ABC: Samantha Who? At 932 pm
VH1: The Salt ‘n’ Pepa Show at 10 pm and Gotti’s Way at 1030 pm

Tonight’s Finales –
MTV: The Life of Ryan at 1030 pm

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Friday update

October 12, 2007 at 9:19 am (babbling, Entertainment, TV) (, )

Sorry I’ve been so radio silent all week.  It has been a fairly peaceful week overall.   Sam & my first Thanksgiving dinner went off well.  We were very happy with the way the food turned out.  I have this need to make too much food (that I get from my mother) so I keep thinking of more things I could make next year.  haha.  It was also nice to have friends there to help us celebrate.

Tuesday night I had a girl friend over to help eat the left overs.  Thanksgiving left overs is one of her favorites, so it worked out perfect.  We then watched the movie “Catch & Release.”  We both thought it was a so-so movie.  Cute in parts, but mainly we were annoyed that the lead female picks the sleazy guy instead of the nice guy.  Both of us married the nice guy.  As well we didn’t like Kevin Smith in the movie.  While he’s a talented director, he was the WORST actor in this movie.

Last night Sam and I were bowling in our friend’s league as alternatives for friends of ours.  They happen to be in Vegas, hopefully winning money! Sam and I did really well I think.  I beat my average on all 3 games, and  Sam ROCKED.  He was WAY more consistent!!!

Tonight’s Premieres –
ABC: Women’s Murder Club at 9p and Men in Trees at 10p (Note: 20/20 moves to its new time period at 8p)
Lifetime: Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead at 9p and America’s Psychic Challenge at 10p and Blood Ties at 11p

Saturday’s Premieres –
Fox Reality: The Search for the Next Elvira at 1 pm
Ovation TV: Destination Arthouse at 9 pm

Sunday’s Premieres –
Food Network: The Gourmet Next Door at 1 pm
WE tv: Girl Meets Cowboy at 10 pm
E!: Keeping Up with the Kardashians at 1030 pm

Sunday’s Finales –
WE tv: Bridezillas at 9 pm

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2007 Top TV Shows

October 9, 2007 at 10:09 pm (babbling, Entertainment, TV) (, , )

Oct 9, 6:29 PM (ET)

By The Associated Press
Prime-time viewership numbers compiled by Nielsen Media Research for Oct. 1-7. Listings include the week’s ranking, with viewership for the week and season-to-date rankings in parentheses. An “X” in parentheses denotes a one-time-only presentation.

1. (1) “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation,” CBS, 20.97 million viewers.
2. (2) “Dancing With the Stars” (Monday), ABC, 20.21 million viewers.
3. (3) “Grey’s Anatomy” (Thursday), ABC, 18.51 million viewers.
4. (5) “NBC Sunday Night Football: Chicago at Green Bay,” NBC, 18.30 million viewers.
5. (4) “Desperate Housewives,” ABC, 17.82 million viewers.
6. (6) “House,” Fox, 17.44 million viewers.
7. (9) “NCIS,” CBS, 16.43 million viewers.
8. (7) “Dancing With the Stars” (Tuesday), ABC, 15.90 million viewers.
9. (10) “CSI: Miami,” CBS, 14.72 million viewers.
10. (11) “Criminal Minds,” CBS, 14.56 million viewers.
11. (7) “Without a Trace,” CBS, 14.20 million viewers.
12. (11) “Survivor: China,” CBS, 14.14 million viewers.
13. (14) “Two and a Half Men,” CBS, 13.24 million viewers.
14. (18) “Pushing Daisies,” ABC, 13.03 million viewers.
15. (14) “Cold Case,” CBS, 13.02 million viewers.
16. (18) “CSI: NY,” CBS, 12.69 million viewers.
17. (14) “Private Practice,” ABC, 12.45 million viewers.
18. (11) “Heroes,” NBC, 11.96 million viewers.
19. (20) “Brothers & Sisters,” ABC, 11.91 million viewers.
20. (14) “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” ABC, 11.84 million viewers.

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Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

October 8, 2007 at 12:40 pm (babbling, Entertainment, Family, TV) (, , )

Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday because I’ve always been able to celebrate two Thanksgivings:  Canadian and American.  Canadian Thanksgiving is more a harvest festival than about being discovered by the Europeans.  My mom being American would always invite other Americans over to celebrate US Thanksgiving, and on Canadian Thanksgiving my Dad’s side of the family would always get together, play some softball, eat too much and crash. One of my Chovancek cousin’s is a chef (Jonathon), and he cooked for us one year the best Thanksgiving meal EVER.  When my grandparents on my dad’s side past away Chovancek family Thanksgiving stopped.

This year Sam and I are cooking for some friends.  It’s the first Canadian Thanksgiving I will have had since moving here to Los Angeles 8 years ago.  Needless to say, I’m excited.  There are so many things to be thankful for:  good food, good friends, happy families, good work etc.  So today, have a great Canadian Thanksgiving and spend a few minutes reflecting on everything you have to be thankful for!!

Tonight’s Premieres –
BET J: Conversations at 8 pm
BBC America:  Top Gear at 8 pm
VH1:  I Love New York at 9 pm
Adult Swim:  The Boondocks at 1130 pm

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