Premiere Week 2 – Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

September 25, 2007 at 9:11 am (babbling, Entertainment, TV) (, , , , )

Tonight’s Premieres –
CBS: NCIS at 8p, The Unit at 9p and Cane at 10p
FOX: Bones at 8p and House at 9p
The CW: Reaper at 9p
BBC America: Ultimate Force at 9p
ABC: Boston Legal at 930p
NBC: Law & Order: SVU at 10p

Last night I had the chance to watch the new Heroes which made me wish they would only follow the Hiro story line.  To me, it was the only interesting bit of the night.  I could care less about the cheerleader, or Nathan and his “drinking problem,”  or even Mohinder.  DULL – yawn, not enough information.  I was saddened by the one death, and a little curious about the one character who appears to have become evil…. but still.  Only 1 super interesting story line?? It’s going to drive me crazy like Lost I fear.  I hope not, but hey I’m a skeptic.

Speaking of skeptic:  one of the new shows I thought would suck surprised me pleasantly last night, Chuck.  It cracked me up.  I loved the chemistry of the characters,  they pulled off the story nicely and then they had an awesome chase scene.  The subtitles of looks, the heart, the explosions all pulled me in.  It was great.  I hope this one lasts.

Journeyman put me to sleep so I don’t think it was that great.   Let me know if any of you saw it and disagree.


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