Pranks between friends

September 11, 2007 at 3:37 pm (babbling, Entertainment, Friends)

My friend Eric decided to get my an iPod shuffle as a prank. He inscribed on it “i has limitz ur iTunes, Natuhweeeeee.” Hillarious, I chuckled to myself as I opened it… but alas it’s not the best prank ever because I like it. While these little iPods seem lame because they hold so few songs, they are hard to charge, they are hard to maneuver the menu and they can not play any video at all ever, I like it.

It’s small and a redish-pink color which is super cute. It’s small so perfect for running or bowling or even needing in a little motivation at work.

I’m glad it wasn’t a real prank because I think of things like paying a company that delivers poop in a bag or getting fart spray and spraying their house…or car before a date with it. Yep folks, you don’t want to be in a prank war with me – I’m a little evil.



1 Comment

  1. The Big E said,

    Damn…foiled again! *snaps fingers*

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