’07 Fall TV Schedule Pt. 2

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First off let me say CW is not targeted to me. And it’s a good thing….

Aliens in America – I think this one might be targeted to a High School/Jr. High audience and thus I’m just not getting. I didn’t laugh once to the CW trailer. The actors are neither here nor there. I won’t watch this and with immigration being a sore spot for many Americans and residents of the US right now, I’m not sure it’s a subject many others want to watch either. Maybe I’m wrong though, maybe this is the exact thing that people in this country need to watch and laugh at. I hope it is, but I doubt it.

Reaper – Another CRAZY complicated story. Can your parents even sell YOUR soul?!!?! If they can WHY, it’s YOUR soul?? And then being forced to become Satan’s bounty hunter?? I think someone over at CW was smoking something that WASN’T a cigarette. PASS!!

Gossip Girl – Another O.C. type show. I don’t like watching over privileged children play. There’s no challenge to it, no hard work and dedication. Pass.

CW Now – News show in the style of everything E! Network airs. If I were to need some Hollywood gossip I would go to E! because they’ve been doing it longer.

Online Nation – I love You Tube. Part of the power of You Tube is that you only have to watch what you want to watch, not what others pick out for you. Perhaps this is the new Funniest Home Video?!

Life is Wild – My friend Kathy grew up in Africa. I will let her watch this, tell me if it’s any good and then MAYBE turn in. The promos seem WAY too cheesy though.

CW Mid Season

Farmer Wants a Wife – It’s a reality show ripped off of a BBC show. It’s worked with American Idol and The Office. I will pass.

Eight Days a Week – It REALLY wants to be the new Friends. This could be good, it really depends on the cast. I think this one has the most potential of the new shows. I will wait for more news/buzz on this one.

And with the most new Shows this year ABC

Samatha Who – Christina Applegate has lost her memory and must re-discover herself. It might be funny, it might not. I don’t see how it can last more than a season or two.

Caveman – I’m the most disappointed by this show.

Carpoolers – While Sam and my deepest conversations always happen in the car, this show seems like crap. Not funny, not serious…and while I’m thinking about it, do people actually car pool in LA??! I don’t think so.

Pushing Daisies – This one looks funny. I’m adding it to the tivo. It seems a little bit like an HBO show. Cute, funny, silly, interesting cast….I’m in.

Private Practice – This is the Grey’s Anatomy spin off. The pilot episode they aired this Spring really didn’t hold my attention, nor have the strong writing the original Grey’s had. Until I hear better buzz about it, I won’t be adding it to my tivo again.

Dirty Sexy Money – I really dislike this concept “A lawyer is forced to take care of one of New York City’s wealthiest families.
“, but I like the cast: Donald Sutherland, Peter Krause, Jill Clayburgh, Laura Margolis etc. I think I will give it a shot.

Big Shots – I think this one is Sex in the City for men. Pass.

Women’s Murder Club – It’s ANOTHER crime series boys and girls. The teaser is too short to tell. It might be a new Murder She Wrote. We will have to wait and see when ABC releases more info on the show.

Mid Season ABC

Oprah’s Big Give – “A reality series in which 10 contestants are given the money and resources to find ways to help other people. The eventual winner has her or his wildest wish granted.” Could be good, could be dull. I’m glad she’s challenging people to help other’s though.

Miss Guided – This one gets the award for the most annoying and worst teaser of the fall. Don’t waste your time. PASS!!

Eli Stone – This teaser is actually funny. I smiled it was not a laugh out loud moment, but I smiled. Complicated story, but at least big enough they could do several seasons of this. I will give it a shot when it hits the schedule.

Cashmere Mafia – “Ambition always comes with a price. Consistently outpacing their male colleagues and husbands in salary and title, they also have to watch out for scheming bitches eager to bring them down.” This could be cute. The cast seems to have good chemistry. I think I will give it 3 watches then decide to keep it or delete it.

Well there are a few gems here and there, it’s a big new schedule so there will be lots of hits and misses. Primarily I think the looming WGA strike has a lot of the quality shows on hold. In October of this year the WGA contract is up. The schedule might then at that point be filled up with foreign TV shows, which could be a refreshing break. Work will get slim though for those who only work on union shows. Hopefully it will resolve quickly!!


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