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Once again school is starting up and so the Television networks release their new shows and bring back their favorite old. Right now I’m in the lump of people who are displeased with TV overall. There are gems here and there, but the networks have destroyed any loyalty they once had. They are canceling shows not on ratings, but whims. Not on buzz and advertising, but gut feeling or politics. I won’t talk about game shows/reality shows. I would just say mean things like: does anyone still watch Survivor?? It’s the SAME as Season 1. /yawns/ Stop wasting time and money. And that wouldn’t get us anywhere, now would it?! Quotes are off of www.imdb.com or the network’s websites.

Here are my feelings towards the fall TV schedule by network:


I’m sick of CSI and ALL of it’s spin offs. Please cancel them. You know it’s bad when you need 3-4 music montages with processing evidence because you have run out of story.

Big Bang Theory – could be funny. It’s feeding the new popularity of nerds and seems to be a little like all those classic 80s movies we secretly love. I think it will only last 1 season though. It doesn’t seem to have the production value behind it to make it last.

Cane – Can Jimmy Smits carry a TV show again?? It’s seems to have a little bit of a Soprano’s feel to it. I’m sure West Wingers and NYPD fans will tune it at least one episode. Although is this what viewers really want?? I fear it will have the same fate as Smith.

Kid Nation – Ok, I said no reality show comments. Is this just Big Brother with Kids?? Or will this have story!? I’m not sure. It might be a good family show with great social commentary. Guess we will have to wait and see, although so far I doubt I will add this to my Tivo.

Moonlight – I love Vampires. I miss Buffy and Angel. Even though this doesn’t have Joss Whedon attached to it, it has potential. It’s an interesting cast, I’m not sure how their chemistry will be. It will get my three strikes pass. (I will watch it until I dislike 3 episodes and then delete it from the Tivo) I’m fairly harsh, this is why I don’t watch 24 anymore.

Viva Laughlin – Hugh Jackman’s baby. I think he’s taking Salma Hayek’s lead and this show has potential. “Part drama, part thriller, part musical” though?? It might be too much for the average viewer.

Mid Season for CBS

Not a new show, but the almost canceled Jericho – I’m catching up on this show right now via. ipod. (thanks Jett) I’m glad CBS gave into it’s loyal fans and look forward to seeing where they will take the show and if it can last past the new 6 episode order.

The Captain – Comedy, Chris Klein, “A young writer moves into a legendary Hollywood apartment.” It just doesn’t seem that interesting to me. Maybe it’s because I live and work in Hollywood…writers aren’t SUPER social creatures and watching a writer write is like watching paint dry. This one doesn’t interest me at all.

Swingtown – Drama. “As America celebrates its 200th birthday, two generations of friends and neighbors in a Chicago suburb explore new freedoms and seek connections with each other in the midst of the socio/sexual revolution.” Um…I think I’m going to have to pass. While I liked Swingkids the movie, the cast seems too big for a tv show. The concept seems too big as well. Maybe as a mini-series, but as a TV show…I will pass on this one too.

Next up NBC with the least amount of new shows

Chuck – Another geek show. This follows our hero, Chuck, who is a computer nerd. This one seems to be a little bit of a stretch though… “A computer nerd accidentally has thousands of government secrets downloaded into his head when he opens a mysterious email from his former college roommate.” WHAT?? So it’s a spy show?? But about nerds??!?! Um, I think this is WAY too complicated. I’m not sure how it will play in a 44 minute time slot. I doubt this one will last long, although it might be worth a peek just to see how the heck they get all that story to work in a TV show.

Journeyman – They’ve been playing the HECK out of these teasers so this must be ONE expensive show. Either that or some Network Executive’s baby that they want REALLY good numbers for, or a really big write off. I know Alan Armes will watch it, because of his love of time travel. I won’t watch this though. It’s been done and if I wanted to watch it again I would watch Dr. Who and re-runs of Quantum Leap.

Bionic Woman – I’m intrigued. Now you are going to say BUT Natalie this has been done before as well. Yes, yes, I know. I love X-Men. I love Heroes. And I feel like this is in the same vein. I know it will either be great or suck, so I will give it a chance.

Life – Detective Drama. Again, don’t we have enough of these?? I realize this one is a little different because he was put in jail for something he didn’t do and now he’s trying to solve the crime he was framed for. New concept, but can that stretch that out for more than 1 season?? I find myself bored even trying to think of possibilities past 1 season. In a way I think it will be like Burn Notice, but with even less plot possibilities. And no Bruce Campbell, so what’s the point??

NBC Mid Season Shows

Lipstick Jungle – Sex In The City 2. “A look at the lives of Nico, Wendy, and Victory — three of “New York’s 50 Most Powerful Women,” according to The New York Post.” I think ABC has NBC beat on this one. The cast just doesn’t do it for me. Nope, I don’t care for this at all.


While I commend Fox for trying to get away from their reality tv image, I will miss working on Trading Spouses. They could have AT LEAST kept that one!!

K-Ville – Fox is hoping this one will keep Prison Break’s lead in numbers. They’ve been teasing it for a good 2 months already and it’s premiere date is still another 2 weeks out. I think the action looks alright, but the story isn’t interesting to me. “Police officers patrol the streets of New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.” It’s probably the politician in me. The poor parts of New Orleans are still in shambles and I doubt this fictionalized TV show can show that in a way that means anything to people. I want this show to be statistically accurate and not over-sensationalize what’s really going on there to a point people don’t care. I’m sure it will just be Miami Vice in New Orleans to which then I will DELETE IT! I will give it 1 episode.

Back to You – I love Kelsey Grammer. I love the promos for this. It looks funny. I hope it lives up to it’s hype!! I think this one could be a keeper and last a REALLY long time. Kelsey seems to have the magic tough: Cheers, Fraiser…if he touches it, it lasts a SUPER long!

Kitchen Nightmares – It’s kind of a reality show, kind of a documentary. I love Chef Ramsey. I love watching him curse out people. It’s taken from his BBC show of the same name. I think I will tivo this one, although seeing bugs in restaurants makes me loose faith in my favorite past-time, eating out.

Next Great American Band – PASS. What’s funny is I passed on working on this show too.

Nashville – “a high-stakes, high-drama docu-soap featuring a cast of young dreamers living in the “biggest small town of America.”” I know someone working on this show, so I might have to watch it even though I HATE The O.C. and The Hills, which this sounds like it’s in the vein of.

Fox Mid Season Shows

Return of Jezebel James – No news on this one from the Fox website. The only thing I could find is that it’s about “When a newly single professional woman (Parker Posey) learns she’s unable to conceive, she looks to her estranged younger sister to carry her baby for her.” I like Parker. I will wait to see the teases before I decide on this one.

New Amsterdam – TONS of promos and yet it’s not coming until Jan?!?!? That’s CRAZY!!! “NEW AMSTERDAM is the story of a New York homicide detective unlike any other. He is brilliant, mysterious, reckless, magnetic, unknowable. And he has a profound secret – he is immortal.” Lame. PASS!

Canterbury’s Law – No info from Fox again, perhaps a bad sign for the show. “A television series centered on Elizabeth Canterbury (Julianna Margulies), a tough-minded defense attorney who isn’t afraid to push boundaries in order to protect innocent clients.” Let’s see Cold Case, Shark, Damages… etc. etc. Nope, I don’t think this one will last nor do I want to see it.

So far I must say it’s a good thing I’m not a network executive because MOST of the above I would have passed on.

What are your favorite, must-see T.V. shows?? Which of the new shows are you looking forward to? If you want more information on any of the above, just ask. I have lots of resources!

Coming soon: ABC (who has the most new shows and mid season shows this year) and the CW.


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  1. Tim King said,

    According to TheFutonCritic.com, The Return of Jezebel James is projected to premier January 30. I have teasers, the TCA trailer, and much more posted at my The Return of Jezebel James fan site.


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