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Sam and I have found out way into the middle of a few storms lately. Thankfully while some have cleared up new ones have reared their heads. Today Sam found out that Winona, MN (where his parents live) have had some terrible floods. 12 inches to be exact. His parents have now evacuated and are staying with Sam’s brother in his 2nd story apartment building. It is reported that 5 people are confirmed dead, although in MN they are saying 9 people.


This is a local store. Mostly I feel sad for those vintage cars sitting out front. Sad classics that will probably be in pain after all the water.


That is Sam Sr. and Barb’s street.


And that is their back yard. Typically you would walk down a series of about 10 steps to get to the reservoir and now the water is up to the yard level. Across the reservoir from where they live they just built million dollar homes. Needless to say the contractor didn’t do his research…


Sam is really worried about his family, so please pray for them and everyone dealing with flooding, storms (both literally and figuratively), hurricanes and mudslides.



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  1. xeroda said,

    Wow! While I’m VERY happy to hear that they are safe, I do really hope that there is no damage done to their home and that they are able to go back to normal living soon! While the flooding is tragic to be sure, the picture with the classic cars is really freakin’ cool! Good in the bad I suppose…

    Anyway – I have faith that everything will turn out just fine and that the waters will recede soon! šŸ™‚

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