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My dad just accepted a job at a church in Grand Junction, Colorado. They will put their house on the market immediately and then hopefully move sometime in September. This is a big step for them, returning to the US. My parents haven’t lived in the US since College and Seminary. My Dad grew up in Canada, so I’m sure he will have a little bit of separation anxiety. It will be a big change for them.

I will miss having a place to crash and car to borrow when I visit Toronto. Although it’s good I was just there to see my old friends.

In a way I wish that he could have found a job in another field, but they are moving to a beautiful place that will be nice to visit.

Please pray for them as they take this new step together in their lives.



  1. booyeon said,

    love it. i’m so happy that your parents get a beautiful new start. thanks for your prayers. loved your company.

  2. Eric said,

    I’ll bet your parents will dig Colorado…it is so freakin’ beautiful up there. Can’t get many better white water rapids to slide down in a boat…and the mountains are breathtaking there. Plus, it was the state that I grew up and as such is probably the coolest place in the world because I walked it’s lands. muwahahaha! 😉

  3. gjzone said,

    I live in Grand Junction, and can tell you first hand that it is a very beautiful place.

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