Here come the FUZZ!!!

July 31, 2007 at 4:17 pm (movies) (, , , , , )


Today “Hot Fuzz” comes out on video and I think you should buy it. So far it’s been my favorite film of the year. It’s well written, good comedic timing, great action and some interesting CGI things that you wouldn’t expect.

I don’t want to ruin it for you so I won’t give too much away. This movie is brought to you by the same team that did “Shaun of the Dead.” “Shaun of the Dead” is a comedic zombie movie and is also fun.

Hot Fuzz” made me laugh and was the perfect escapism film. It had lots of action and spoofing of other movies. If you click on the title you can watch the trailer or play a game based on the film.

Inside information from the Q&A with the director, writer and stars: Edgar Wright, Nick Frost and Simon Pegg was very revealing. First off everything they do, they cement in script form before shooting. They don’t improvise anything because they said they don’t have the time or money to waste doing such. They are not announcing their next film as a team because then unrealistic expectations are put on when the next film is to be done. The TV series “Spaced,” the three of them worked on together in England will be available on DVD soon in the US. Complications arose because the music they licensed wasn’t available (or was crazy expensive) to license for US DVD release.

Overall this is a talented team that I’m looking forward to seeing more of their work on the big screen in the future. SO RENT OR BUY HOT FUZZ ALREADY!!! It will be as good for you as jumping thru the air shooting two guns could be.



  1. Luey said,

    I loved that movie.

  2. tubetone said,


    i had a blast at that screening. very rarely do i want to see a movie more than once in the theater.


  3. Eric said,

    Definitely a great flick! I’m so glad it came out rather quickly too…one I’ll watch many times over the years. hehe 😉

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